Trust Pharmacy Online: Canada’s Top Online Pharmacy

When it comes to an online pharmacy that you can trust, you can count on Trust Pharmacy ( Trust Pharmacy Online is a Canadian online pharmacy that offers generic and branded medications.

Trust Pharmacy takes pride in their million happy customers. On their website, they proudly advertise that they have offered the best prices when it comes to different medications that people often need in their daily lives. Medicines for erectile dysfunction, heart problems, allergies, pain relief, hypertension, depression, hair loss, weight loss, smoking cessation, and diabetes are available in this internet drugstore. They also offer drugs like birth control pills, asthma treatment, sleeping pills, skin care medicine, herbal medicines, and antibiotics.

This Canadian online pharmacy offers generic and branded medicine. They also dispense Rx medicines with no questions asked. The goal of Trust Pharmacy is to make medication accessible to all and they want to make it real by reducing hassles that patients often experience when ordering their prescription medicine. Trust Pharmacy believes that every adult is responsible for his or her health and if they are dispensing drugs easily, it is because that their customers are responsible enough to take their medicines accordingly.

Medicines that Trust Pharmacy distributes are FDA approved. Their Indian manufactured medicines are Indian FDA approved as well. This e-store has licenses from CIPA, MIPA and Pharmacy Checker, an indication that all medicines dispensed by this dispensary are safe and tested. With a number of online pharmacies on the web, Trust Pharmacy is one of the pioneers that is continuously giving their customers the service they deserve – quality and affordable medicines.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

On their website, it shows that Trust Pharmacy has been operating since 2001. It means that this internet drugstore has been around for the last 17 years. As an online consumer, we are expecting to see some great reviews for this e-dispensary and what we found didn’t let us down.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Finding customer reviews for Trust Pharmacy was not a problem. A quick search on the internet showed us a number of happy and satisfied customer reviews for Trust Pharmacy. Among their positive feedback, involve great delivery, great and excellent customer service, early delivery of orders, fast service, good quality of medicine being sold, and quick and helpful support team.

According to their customers, Trust Pharmacy has a great team of customer service that provides excellent service. Because of their excellent service, most of the customers of Trust Pharmacy are returning customers. Indeed, with great customer satisfaction comes loyalty.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Buying from Trust Pharmacy can save anyone up to 70% off their regular medication cost. This is the promise of this internet drugstore. This is not surprising given the prices that they have on the website. They offer the cheapest generic Viagra at $0.27 per tablet and the cheapest generic Cialis at $0.68 per tablet.

However, since we love discounts and we love buying from stores that offer a rebate, we always seek for stores that have promotions and discount codes. Even with the known pharmaceutical lowest price, we still check for such.

As for Trust Pharmacy, they do not have discount codes at the moment but they have special rewards that their customers can take advantage. The first reward is Free Air Mail Shipping on all orders above $200. If your order is above $300, you can have your order delivered free via EMS Courier.

Aside from free delivery, all orders are eligible for free pills. Trust Pharmacy gives ED bonus pills. At the checkout page, you can choose to have two tablets of Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra as your bonus pills.

They also run promotions on a daily basis thru their special offer. Special offers consist of tablets that are sold at a very low price but in packs. One current special they have is the sale of 100 mg Branded Viagra and 20 mg Brand Cialis for $46.16. This is for a pack of 10 pills each brand.

Trust Pharmacy Contact Information

When ordering from an online pharmacy, you are at risk of being deceived by scamming internet websites. You know what is worst after being scammed? Knowing that you cannot do anything and there is no way to contact the store that scammed you!

Trust Pharmacy Contact Information

Trust Pharmacy Contact Information

When ordering from any online pharmacies, always check first if they have a contact information that you can use in case you have a query or you encounter an issue in the future. For a list of online pharmacies that you can depend, you can check our recommended online pharmacies or just visit Trust Pharmacy.

For Trust Pharmacy, you can reach their support team at 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. Depending on what country you are in, just dial any of these numbers. Aside from these numbers, you can also reach Trust Pharmacy via their ‘contact us’ page.


Most people purchase their medicines today online because it is cheaper and it is easier to do. With online pharmacies like Trust Pharmacy, you no longer have to take a drive to get to your nearest drug store. It is also easier to get your medicine sent to you even if you don’t have a prescription. As long as you know the name of the medicine you need and you answer their questionnaire truthfully, they can dispense your medication as you order it.

Trust Pharmacy is a Canadian online pharmacy that delivers medicines manufactured by known pharmaceutical companies. Most of their products are from Indian pharmaceutical companies and are Indian FDA approved. Because they are directly dealing with these consumers, they are able to sell their medicines at the cheapest price possible. If you want a reliable online pharmacy that will deliver your medicine on time, check out Trust Pharmacy.

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