Sildenafil Price Walmart: Sildenafil Prices and Coupons

Sildenafil is the world’s leading drug in Erectile Dysfunction and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension treatment. This drug was manufactured and released by Pfizer back in 1997 under the brand names of Viagra and Revatio. Viagra was an instant hit since drugs for Erectile Dysfunction treatment were not yet available at that time. Revatio was Pfizer’s other Sildenafil product which was specifically manufactured for the purpose of treating Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension as this drug has a smaller dosage of Sildenafil than Viagra. These meds are prescription drugs only and cannot be bought unless patients will be able to show a valid prescription from a physician.

Also known as a vasodilator drug for dilating the blood vessels, Sildenafil works in the body by improving the circulation of the blood. It functions as a Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor that relaxes the muscles surrounding the blood vessels, expanding its walls and allowing it to move larger volumes of blood to the different parts of the body. It loosens the thick and stiff arteries in the heart caused by Pulmonary Hypertension, easing the heart muscles of the unnecessary stress in pumping the blood harder to the lungs. The improved blood circulation and the dilation of the blood vessels also help in Erectile Dysfunction by supplying a constant flow of blood to the penis, helping it attain erection with the aid of a sexual stimulus.

Pfizer has made a very clever corporate move when they released their Sildenafil brands. To ensure their market dominance in the future years to come, Pfizer used its power to extend its patent rights through legal motions which were successful. From 1997, Pfizer has had no Sildenafil competitions in the market because their patent rights made it illegal for any other brand of Sildenafil to be sold in the US and other major countries like Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Pfizer has managed to control the prices and the supply of their products which made them expensive. But 20 years later today, Pfizer’s patent rights have already run its course giving way to the generic Sildenafil brands to enter the once impenetrable market of ED medication. This means that the prices of Sildenafil will now drop and many customers will now be able to afford this effective drug.

Walmart is one of the best places to purchase Sildenafil. It is the largest company by revenue, not only in the US but also in the entire world. Walmart has always sold Sildenafil from Pfizer but now that the generic brands are available in their stores, let’s see how much they are selling the drug.

Sildenafil 20mg Cost

With the Sildenafil price dropping because of the cheap generic brands, major pharmacies in the US have also started stocking on the generic Sildenafil to meet the demands of the market. The prices are unbelievably cheap because the once expensive Sildenafil can now be bought at only 5% of Pfizer’s brand’s price.

Sildenafil 20mg Coupon

Sildenafil 20mg Coupon

Target and its pharmacy CVS previously sold Sildenafil at $535 USD but since that they now have generics, it can be bought for only 5% of its original price which is $26.94 USD with free coupons from GoodRx. HealthWarehouse sells the generic Sildenafil online for only $22.50 USD with no coupons required. Walgreens and Rite-Aid who sold Sildenafil before for over $500 USD are now selling them for only $150 USD and $164 USD with free coupons. Walmart, on the other hand, has only sold Sildenafil for a price of $95 USD even without the free coupon, a lot cheaper than what the other pharmacies charge. But if a free coupon will be used, Walmart will be discounting the price of its Sildenafil for only $73.80 USD.

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Over the Counter Viagra at Walmart

Since Viagra is a prescription drug, it is not sold over the counter at Walmart. The same is also true for the other local pharmacies and stores in the US since FDA strictly regulates the sale of this drug and permits its sale only to customers who have prescriptions from their physicians. These restrictions might serve as an inconvenience to many but these regulations were only assigned to the local pharmacies and do not cover the online sale of the drug. There might be few online pharmacies that ask for a doctor’s prescription before allowing the sale of Sildenafil but most online stores don’t require their customers to provide one.

Before buying over the counter Sildenafil online, customers should first be careful in choosing which online drugstore to trust to avoid falling prey to fake websites operated by scammers. A genuine online drugstore has real-time customer reviews with timestamps that prove they are not fabricated or recycled from other websites. Genuine websites also have good ratings not only from their site but also from other websites. It is possible to know which sites are fraudulent by checking them at scam checking websites that provide complete information that helps people avoid them.


Apart from online drugstores, Walmart is a good place to buy Sildenafil medications. As long as the patients will be able to provide valid prescriptions from their physicians, Walmart will be allowing the sale of the drug. Cheaper prices for the drug is also possible if the patients will be able to present a free coupon from GoodRx so that stores like Walmart would be able to slash a good amount from its previous price. If the patient doesn’t have a prescription available, they can instead try purchasing from trusted online pharmacies we have on or recommended list.

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