Safe Meds for All: An Affordable Pharmacy with Positive Reviews

Safemeds4all is an online drugstore owned by a company known as Aceso Universal Limited. This company has its operation basis in the United Kingdom. Safemeds4all has been operational since the year 2008. They have been offering their drugs to people worldwide for a full decade now. The store focuses largely on selling generic medications. This helps keep their medications at the lowest price. They offer both prescription and non-prescription meds. The online drugstore indicates that they had a valid license for offering medications to people from all over the world.

They indicate that their meds are sourced directly from the manufacturer. They indicate their meds are sourced from pharmacies which make use of safe ways to produce their meds. Some of the pharmacies they get their meds from include Cipla Limited which is located in India, Torrent Pharmaceuticals and more. They have employed fulltime physicians who review their customer prescriptions to ensure they deliver exactly what the customer requires.

The online drugstore offers a guarantee that you will get the lowest prices for your medications. They claim they will sell you your medications at a price that is over 80% lower than what the local drug stores sells the same meds to you. They indicate that they have a dedicated customer support department that operates for 24 hours on a daily basis to help their customers.

Safe Meds for All Reviews

The best way to determine whether you are going to truly get real services from an online pharmacy is through checking the kind of services the pharmacy offered to their customers. We have managed to look at their reviews on different sites. The customers indicate that after ordering, their meds arrive soon and they had the quality they were looking for. They also enjoyed paying low prices. Here are some of the reviews:

Safemeds4all Reviews (source: http://www

Safemeds4all Reviews

Stanley says that being 62, he appreciates the simplicity by which he gets to order his meds from Safemeds4all. He says that this online drugstore has managed to save him more money than what his insurance cover has saved him. He is thankful for the services he gets, the affordable medications. He says the drugs he gets are of high-quality.

William says he placed his order of Nexium 40mg and he got it from Safemeds4all within a period of 6 days. He thanks the drugstore network for giving him excellent services and prices. He says that he enjoyed dealing with the customer support department. The agents in the department were very courteous. They kept him updated about his order until it finally arrived.

Kimberly purchased generic Plavix 75mg from Safemeds4all for his old mother. The medications arrived within a week from the date of purchase. The pharmacy has always attended to all his queries and needs. They always deliver his product as promised. The products are always packaged nicely.

Safe Meds for All Viagra

Erectile dysfunction affects a large number of men. The most common medication used to try and eliminate this condition is known as Viagra. This medication is extremely expensive in the local stores. When we looked it up on CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens, we found that a pill did not cost less than $70 a pill. We also noticed that most of the insurance companies were not willing to cover the medication since they considered it to be a kind of a luxury medication. However, when we checked the price for this medication at Safemeds4all, we found that it was very cheap. Its prices are as indicated below:

Safemeds4all Viagra Price

Safemeds4all Viagra Price

The medication is over 90% cheaper than in the local stores. The highest price each pill will cost you is $4.25. This is when you buy a package that has only eight pills in it. You will have the ability to reduce the price by increasing the number of pills you buy. When you increase the number of pills you purchase to 64, you get the chance to pay only $1.98 per pill. For people who are looking to save their money, buying Viagra from Safemeds4all is a good idea.

Safe Meds for All Coupons

Despite offering low prices, Safemeds4all offered more chances to save money. They offered everyone a coupon that would allow them to save 5% on all their medical purchases. Here are more chances to save:

Safemeds4all Offers

Safemeds4all Offers

Everyone is getting a chance to save up to 80% on all their medication orders. Another thing the pharmacy is offering is the free shipping worldwide. For clients who were returning, the pharmacy was willing to reduce their medication costs by 10%.


Safemeds4all is a great pharmacy. It allows all its buyers to save their money through coupon codes and offers. They grant their customers free worldwide shipping. They have a very responsive customer support department. For people who are looking to get their issues addressed, you can call them or even email them. To call, the number to use is +1 800 897 1053. This toll-free number also doubles up as their toll-free fax number. The store makes it easier for people who don’t speak English to shop. Their website is multilingual. They have more than 10 languages on the site. They also have 4 currencies which makes it easier for people to check out their medications without having to do any calculations. Their form of payment is safe. They accept VISA credit cards and eChecks. By using a credit card, you get the chance to dispute your charges in the future.

There are more than 35,000 drug stores on the web. More than 95% of these drug stores are fake. This tells you that getting conned is quite easy. This is why we decided to make sure that none of our readers would get conned. We have been investigating online pharmacies. If we find a pharmacy with impressive reviews and offering cheap prices for quality medications, we add it to our catalog. By using this catalog, thousands of people have managed to avoid scammers.

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