Rx Canada: Get Cheaper Prescription Drugs

If there is one thing that causes people to lose money, call it prescription drugs. The problem is that people who depend on Rx drugs cannot live without these drugs. Pharmacies take advantage of the fact that life may prove impossible for people who use prescriptions if they were to live without the drugs. They sell these drugs at a high price. Insurance companies in countries like the United States are cutting their costs by placing a heavier load on the Rx Drugs Consumer. Recently, the consumers have to pay as high as 80% of the Rx drugs costs out of their pocket. This is a heavy load. However, after suffering for a long time, the Rx consumers are realizing that getting their Rx drugs offshore from a country like Canada is much more lucrative.

The least amount of money that you will be able to save in a legitimate Canadian pharmacy is 70% of the cost you are paying at your local store. Notice that we said Legitimate. This is because if you don’t make sure that the pharmacy from which you are getting your meds is legitimate before ordering, there is a very high likelihood of losing all your money. Canadian pharmacies are usually regulated by CIPA. But, the mere presence of a CIPA logo on a pharmacy website does not mean that it is legal. Scammers will use any method they can find to lie to you including placing the CIPA logo on their website even if it’s bogus. This makes it hard to find a good pharmacy on your own. But, you can find a list of top-rated Canadian Rx pharmacies in our catalog.

Canadian Pharmacy

If you do a simple search online using the Keywords “Canadian Pharmacy”, you will come up with millions of results. The last time we did it 1.5 million results showed up. 90% of the pharmacies in these results are fake. The best way to judge if a pharmacy is real is checking for its reviews. The reviews which you find on an external site usually work better. We were able to find reviews for a pharmacy that was located in Canada. These will prove to you that there is a possibility of finding a good Canadian pharmacy online.

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://www

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

Michelle B. says that Canadian pharmacies are nice to work with. She got exactly what she ordered. The prices were great. The second reviewer got a quick turn-around after he had submitted his order. The pharmacy even sends refill reminders. His doctor was able to send in the refill request and he got his prescriptions in 10 days. The prescription program for his job was getting restrictive and the Canadian pharmacy proved to be a welcome and efficient alternative.

The third reviewer claims that the prices are great, the service is awesome, and the staff is great too. He was impressed with the friendly and courteous customer service reps. In comparison with the American prices, the prices are much better.

The final consumer says that as a senior United States citizen, he cannot thank the Rx Online Canadian pharmacy enough. He has purchased prescriptions for more than two years from the store and he has always experienced exceptional service with personal care. He is able to save money with the prices available even though he has insurance.

The above reviews apply to a very small section of the pharmacies located in Canada. You will be able to find these more easily and avoid scam sites which resemble real Canadian pharmacies by using our catalog.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

Viagra being the leading erectile dysfunction medication, it is hard to obtain in the local stores. A pill will not cost you less than 70 dollars. If you were to obtain the drug online, you will get a chance to choose between brand Viagra and the generic Viagra. The price for the brand Viagra is as follows:

Canadian Pharmacy Brand Viagra Price

Canadian Pharmacy Brand Viagra Price

The highest price that you pay is $18.51. You can reduce this to $14.70 by purchasing the brand Viagra which is manufactured in New Zealand. When you buy the brand Viagra from New Zealand, you save $55.3. If we do some simple calculations and find the amount of savings in percentage, you will find that you save 79%.

Canadian Pharmacy Generic Viagra Price

Canadian Pharmacy Generic Viagra Price

The price for generic Viagra in Canada is much better. The highest that you will need to part with is $3.61 for a pill when you take home a 10-pill package. You can reduce this price to only $1.01 per pill when you buy a 360 pills package. Generic Viagra offers you some benefits. These include the low price and the ability to get it without a prescription.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs from Canada

Prescriptions usually take 2 to 4 weeks before they arrive. Therefore, in order to avoid missing on your prescriptions, it is a good idea that you order the drugs about a month before your current Rx drugs get finished. The shipping from top-rated pharmacies will arrive in a proper package and will contain the exact drugs that you ordered. If you are ordering the drugs from a reputable pharmacy like the ones in our catalog, you won’t have to get worried. These pharmacies have a money back guarantee. You can also request re-shipping if you don’t receive your meds.


The Rx drugs from Canada are cheap. You will pay 90% less. This doesn’t mean that all Canadian pharmacies are equal. There are websites that have the label Canadian pharmacy but they are just scammers trying to make a quick dime by stealing from you. You can avoid these scammers and get real meds when you use our catalog. Your drugs will be delivered to you via mail order delivery. This means that they may take about 2 to 4 weeks before you get them. Therefore, order your meds at least a month before you run out.

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