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Renova is the brand name of the drug Tretinoin (all-trans retinoic acid, ATRA), a topical medication for the treatment of moderate to severe acne. Tretinoin itself is a form of vitamin A which helps the skin regenerate or renew itself. It belongs to the class of medicines called retinoids that affects the growth of skin cells. Renova helps by improving the appearance of the skin by reducing wrinkles, fine lines, roughness and refining the skin color. But even if Renova cream helps regenerate the skin, its use should be accompanied by moisturizers and daily use of effective sunscreen products. This is because Tretinoin would not be able to repair sun-damaged skin as it can only renew the skin under the circumstances that it would not be exposed to extreme sunlight. Onset of the use of the topical cream, users may experience skin redness, great sensitivity to sunlight and even skin peeling but these symptoms are normal and will disappear with continued use.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Valeant Pharmaceuticals

The manufacturer of this drug is Valeant Dermatology but was now renamed as Ortho Dermatologics. It is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing effective skincare products. It has various dermatological products for treating numerous skin conditions like psoriasis, impetigo, fungal infections, sun damage, acne, and many others.

Aside from its use in treating skin various skin problems, Tretinoin actually has another medical application and is also used for treating acute promyelocytic leukemia. Unlike Renova which is a cream ointment that is applied externally, the Tretinoin used for this type of leukemia is taken orally and in the form of tablets. This drug was first developed in the US back in 1957 but it was not approved for medical use until 1962. Because of its effectiveness, Tretinoin is included in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective meds in the entire health system.

But due to its effectiveness for skin treatment, Renova doesn’t come cheap. It is known to be a costly drug for treating skin problems like acne. It comes in 60g, 40g, and 20g tubes of 0.05% Tretinoin and the cost for each tube of Renova 20g 0.05%, the smallest of the three, is an astounding $70.73 USD. For a single tube of its 40g 0.05% cream, customers would need to pay $131.49 USD, almost double the price of the 20g cream. Its most expensive tube is the 60g 0.05% cream which has a price tag of $184.51 USD. For this reason, not many customers are able to purchase Renova and end up stuck with their skin condition. But even if this is the case, there is still a way for customers to get their Renova at discounted prices.

Coupons are the best means for customers to get their Renova creams at discounted prices. They no longer need to pay the hefty price tags that the local pharmacies are asking because as long as they have coupons, they will be able to purchase Renova at prices that are much lower than their initial costs. They simply need to present the coupons to the drugstores that they’re going to purchase from and depending on the discount percentage that’s indicated on their coupon, that will be the amount that will be taken off the original price. Some coupons offer 50% discounts and on rare occasions, some coupons will even give customers a 90% discount.

Renova Coupon Costco



Costco is an American multinational corporation that operates a membership-only chain of warehouse clubs. It has its own brand of pharmacy that sells various pharmaceutical products and it includes Renova. And just like the other store chains and corporate drugstores, Costco accepts coupons to give customers discounts on their medicine purchases. But before a customer is permitted to shop at Costco, a customer must first become a member since the products of Costco are exclusively for sale to members only. After the membership, the customer will now be able to make a purchase.

Some customers might be wondering where they will be able to obtain these coupons for their discount in buying their Renova Tretinoin cream. It’s actually easy as customers only need to go online and search for them on the internet. These coupons are provided by coupon sites like Good Rx and others whose aim is to help customers afford medicines by giving coupons that are valid for discounting prices on their purchases.

Good Rx Renova Coupon for Costco

Good Rx Renova Coupon for Costco

The coupon above can be used for a Renova 60g 0.05% cream and it will allow the customers to get it for a price of only $128.39. The cream is usually priced at $180 USD and using the coupon allows them to take home $50 USD in savings.

Renova Generic

Buyers may start to think that if the branded Renova is expensive, its generics might be the answer since generics usually have much cheaper prices compared to the original brand. That might be the case for most of the medicines but it is not entirely applicable to Renova since its generics almost have the same price as its branded version. Generic Renova still has the same expensive cost which is only cheaper to the original brand by just a few dollars. The reason for this was not clarified by the manufacturers of Tretinoin generics but the likely reason for its costly price is the expensive production costs. Customers can still consider going with the Tretinoin generics because technically, it’s cheaper and it has the exact same effects as the branded Renova. A single tube of Tretinoin 60g 0.05% generic still has a price tag of $159.30 but its price can still be reduced by using coupons.

Where to Buy Renova

If Renova is abundant in local pharmacies, the drug is also equally abundant at online drugstores. Customers who prefer a more convenient and effortless shopping can go to online pharmacies where the assortment of products are as equally wide-ranging as the local stores. They no longer need to visit the nearest local pharmacy to get their Renova. Customers can visit our Top List of Recommended Online Pharmacies and make the purchase online and their orders will be delivered right at their doorstep.


Coupons are the best way to save money by purchasing an expensive drug such as Renova. It is an externally applied cream that is used for treating acne, wrinkles, and other skin problems. Buyers can find the coupons on the internet and they can use it when they purchase their meds at local pharmacies for discounted prices. For the best online stores that sell Renova, customers should visit our Top List of Recommended Online Pharmacies.

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