Pharmsit: Professional Dispensing of Drugs

Pharmsit is a misspelling of the word pharmacist that is common in most search engines which refers to a healthcare professional whose main focus is health sciences that deals with the safe and effective use of medication. For the treatment of various complications to be successful, the contribution of a pharmacist is vital in ensuring that the process of treatment is perfected.

A pharmacist knows all about the different medications available in the market and at the directions of the doctor, he will be able to dispense the right dose according to the prescription given. Pharmacists are also knowledgeable on the various over-the-counter medications and will correctly dispense the drugs according to the signs that the person buying the drugs is suffering from.

Every legitimate pharmacist must be licensed in order to be able to dispense the drugs prescribed by the doctors. If a pharmacy is being operated by a salesperson and not a registered pharmacist cannot be trusted to sell the right drugs for the various complications. A salesman is only interested in making sales without caring whether the drugs will harm the person buying them while a pharmacist will only dispense what he is sure will benefit the patient.

Photo of a pharmacist

Pharmacist Job Description

A pharmacist is given the responsibility of preparing drugs, providing pharmacological directions to the different members of the healthcare team and ensuring that the drug therapies on different patients are working properly.  Below are the duties of a pharmacist:

  • Offer professional advice to different healthcare professionals on the right choice of drugs and how to correctly use the drugs.
  • The pharmacist will ensure that any new drug that gets into the market is safe and can be used together with other drugs.
  • Offering advice on drugs dosage and provide suggestions on the best form of drugs for each patient. These could be tablets, injections, ointments, or even inhalers.
  • A pharmacist will ensure that the drugs dispensed are used safely to avoid causing more complications out of drug use.
  • They offer professional advice on how they can use the drugs so that they will get maximum benefits out of them.
  • A pharmacist will offer advice concerning the best treatment when one is suffering from a particular condition and if it can be treated with prescription drugs, he will provide the best option for that particular case.
  • A pharmacist will assist patients suffering from long-term complications on the best way to manage these conditions.
  • If there will be need to change prescription drugs, a pharmacist will recommend the best alternative that will work best for the existing condition.
  • To advice patients of the possible side effects that result from the use of the drugs prescribed.
  • A pharmacist will walk the treatment journey with the patient and ensure that all the drugs administered are safe for use and will effectively treat the existing health complications.

Pharmacist dispensing drugs

Pharmacist dispensing drugs

Pharmacist Courses

The following are different courses that one can specialize in as a pharmacist:

  • Clinical and hospital pharmacy: this is a pharmacist who works directly with doctors by making rounds with them, suggests the best drugs for different illnesses and also monitors the patients’ response to different drugs.
  • Pharmacognosy: This is the study of drugs that originate from plants and other natural sources. A pharmacist who studies such a course will specialize in these types of drugs where he will deal with the chemical, biological and the physical composition of such drugs.
  • Pharmacy: This is a pharmacist who works in a general pharmacy where he will dispense all types of drugs, both over-the-counter and prescription medication.
  • Physical pharmacy and cosmetic sciences: A pharmacist who undertakes this course deals with the use of pharmaceutical sciences as well as the pharmaceutical study dealing with the specialty in production, distribution, and management of industrial operations in different pharmaceutical establishments.
  • Pharmaceutical and drug design: This is a line of pharmacy that deals with researching and producing new drugs.
  • Clinical and industrial drug development: This is a branch of pharmacy that deals with scientific pharmacology application, pharmaceutics as well as industrial management to help in developing, producing, marketing, and distributing pharmaceutical products.
  • Medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry: It is a pharmaceutical course that deals with designing of drugs and their chemical synthesis.
  • Pharmaceutical economics: This is a branch of pharmacy that deals with the supply and the demand for pharmaceutical products. It also evaluates the cost-benefit measures of both new and those drugs that are already on the market.
  • Pharmacy administration and regulation: A pharmacist who undertakes this course will learn how to engage in analysis of company’s policies, finances, accounts, management as well as marketing of different pharmaceutical products. He will also study how to effectively provide pharmacy services.

Photo of a clinical pharmacist

Photo of a clinical pharmacist

Benefits of Having a Pharmacy Career

  • You will be able to offer help to people: There is nothing as good as making someone going through intense pain and suffering able to lead a normal life once again.
  • A pharmacist will be able to win the trust of the many people he is able to touch through dispensing differently drugs and offering advice that will have a positive impact on different people.
  • As a pharmacist, you will be able to associate with medical professionals who will positively touch your life and you will be able to learn new things every day.
  • A pharmacy will be able to have the flexibility of working in shifts and will, therefore, have time for other engagements such as family and religious matters.
  • There is room for growth in the pharmacy career as the demand for medical professionals is increasing by the day. You will be able to choose a field you are most comfortable in as pharmacy is subdivided into different sections.


A pharmacist is able to positively impact the lives of the people he is interacting with every day. A single dose dispensed to a dying patient may bring health back to the patient and such a person will remain indebted to him. You will have an opportunity to interact with medics who specialize in different fields and in doing this; you will gain more knowledge in different fields. Always ensure that you work in a legitimate pharmacy especially if you are looking for online jobs. You can access our list of Top Online Pharmacies where you will identify the legitimate online pharmacies you can seek to work with.

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