Pharmacy Store – Prescription Discounts and Free Deliveries

The Pharmacy Store is a local pharmacy store that is located at 101 South Park Avenue, Apopka, Florida. Unlike the corporation-owned local drugstore chains, The Pharmacy Store isn’t as big and doesn’t have any other outlet stores yet but the range of products that it provides is just as wide as what the large local drugstores have. The Pharmacy Store is just new in the business and was just established back in 2011, roughly 7 years in operation. But what it’s proud of is its compassionate care service which other pharmacies don’t have. It aims to provide each and every one of its customers with first-rate care, more of a personalized kind of customer service that would treat people with respect and dignity and not just customers who came to buy their meds.

For customers who intend to visit Pharmacy Store, it is open 6 days a week and its operating hours from Monday to Friday is 8 AM to 6 PM. On Saturdays, its store hours are only from 9 AM up until 3 PM and is closed on Sundays. But for people who won’t be able to visit its location due to proximity reasons, there should be no worries since it also has a website that provides the exact same products and services. What makes Pharmacy Store special is its free delivery program where regardless of the amount of the customer’s purchase, they will deliver their orders without any charges. Customers no longer have to spend money on shipping fees since Pharmacy Store will be taking care of it with no additional charges to the shopper’s bill. Buyers can either have it delivered to their home, office or any location of their choice provided that it’s a valid address. The payment options are also flexible with online orders because Pharmacy Store accepts checks, card payments and even do COD or cash on delivery.

Not only did Pharmacy Store make provisions for the comfort and the convenience of its customers with its free delivery program but it has also prepared a prescription savings plan for its clients.

Rx124 Prescription Savings Program

Rx124 Prescription Savings Program

Rx124 is the name of Pharmacy Store’s prescription savings program for its customers and membership is only for a small fee of $30 USD per year. But with this small fee that they will spend, it will be a lifetime of discounts that they will get for their prescription meds each time they get them at Pharmacy Store. With this membership, customers can even get 3 months’ supply of their prescription meds as long as they have prescriptions from their physicians.

Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment

Medicines are not the only products that Pharmacy Store has but it also sells a full line of durable medical equipment (DME) such as wheelchairs, commodes, transport chairs, transfer chairs, walkers, and canes. For clients who will only use them for a certain period of time, Pharmacy Store also offers to rent them at very affordable rates. Aside from its DME product line, it also has compression hosiery for sale. These compression stockings are elastic garments that help the elderly people have improved blood circulation to their legs and avoid venous disorders.

For customers who would like to give Pharmacy Store a call, its phone number is (407) 703 5951. The calls will be received by its well-experienced staff who are committed to giving the customers the best service. Clients can also request for callbacks where they only need to leave their names and their number. For those who want to contact Pharmacy Store but have no phones with them, they can send their message through its Contact Us page. Pharmacy Store is open to the customer’s remarks or suggestions as it is constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of its clients.

Pharmacy Near Me

In searching for nearby local pharmacies, customers can use the internet to look for them. This method is actually much better than physically visiting the pharmacy itself because using the internet, customers will even be able to read the reviews of the customers who have bought from them. In this way, buyers can compare which pharmacy is better or which are the ones with the best products and the best prices. The internet will even show the ratings for these stores and these are also provided by the customers who have bought from them. Because of the location services that the internet offers for free, customers will get the complete address of these nearby pharmacies which will save them a lot of time instead of asking people around for directions.

Online pharmacies are also good options for customers since they also have the same range of products that the local drugstores have. On top of that, the prices that they offer are also cheaper, enabling the customers to get more savings.

Pharmacy Mall, Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy Mall, Online Pharmacy

How to Design a Pharmacy Store

Designing online pharmacy stores are being done by web designers based on the idea and the preferences of the person who wants to get it done. But setting up an online pharmacy is an entirely different thing because it involves licensing of the pharmacy itself to authorities like NABP. There are strict guidelines to follow for people who want to enter the online pharmacy business and it is a lot more than just designing its webpage.

Australia’s Cheapest Online Pharmacy

Chemist Warehouse is the online pharmacy site that claims to be Australia’s web drugstore with the cheapest prices. It mainly sells generic medicines which are of the same quality as the branded drugs but with much cheaper price tags. It sells a wide variety of over-the-counter meds and prescription drugs as well. But it sells much more than just medicines since it also has hair care products and household items on its product list. It does not only cater to customers within Australia but to international customers as well.


Pharmacy Store is a local drugstore that operates from Apopka, Florida. It was only established 7 years ago and is relatively young in the business but it has a lot of good offers for its customers such as free deliveries and prescription discount programs. Since not all of its clients will be able to physically visit its store, it has set up and online page which has the same features and offers. For buyers who are looking for other reliable online pharmacies, visit our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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