Overseas Pharmacy Reviews: Cheaper Source of Prescription Drugs

As a result of the high cost of drugs in local pharmacies, a lot of people have turned to overseas online pharmacies as a way of looking for a cheaper source of their prescription medication. For others, however, the reason they have turned to overseas online pharmacies is the need to maintain their privacy. Some of these suffer from complications such as erectile dysfunction and they would not be very comfortable to sit in a doctor’s office and explain that they are unable to hold an erection. Other people will reach out to these online pharmacies in search of drugs that they are unable to find in local pharmacies.

As a result of the above desperate needs, many overseas online pharmacies have come up in an attempt to fill this gap and also try to tap into this market. When you search the internet, you will find a countless number of online pharmacies and you will find it difficult to select an online pharmacy to buy drugs from. Unfortunately, some of these overseas online pharmacies are rogue and will dispense fake, expired, or substandard drugs. Others will collect money from you and will never deliver the drugs you ordered from them. You will, therefore, need to be very careful when buying drugs online so that you do not fall into the hands of these scammers and end up spending more than you would have spent if you had bought the drugs from a local pharmacy.

How to Identify Legitimate Overseas Online Pharmacies

Below is a guide that will help you when buying prescription drugs from overseas online pharmacies:

  • The overseas online pharmacy must be verified by VIPPS, Pharmacy Checker, and or any other body that controls the operations of online pharmacies. There should be proof of this fact on their website and if it is not, avoid buying from that pharmacy and look for a credible pharmacy.
  • The pharmacy should have a contact number through which you will be able to contact the customer service team at the pharmacy. If there is no contact number or the number is not in operation, avoid it.
  • There should be a licensed pharmacist at the overseas online pharmacy and should be available if you need to talk to her. She should also be the one responsible for dispensing orders and not a salesperson.
  • If you need to buy prescription medication, the overseas online pharmacy should ask for a prescription before dispensing the drugs. If they are quick to sell the drugs without asking for a prescription, you should avoid buying from such.
  • You should buy from overseas online pharmacies that have specified where their headquarters is located. The pharmacy should also be licensed by the country that hosts its headquarters and given the go-ahead to offer pharmaceutical services.

If after the first contact with an overseas online pharmacy they will not stop sending you spam emails in an effort the lure you into buying from them, you should not do it. A legit overseas online pharmacy should only contact you when it is necessary, which is after placing an order with them.

You should also read the reviews of these overseas online pharmacies and find out what other customers say about their transactions with the pharmacy. If the reviews are positive, you can go ahead and buy from them but if the reviews are negative, you should avoid such a pharmacy.

Below are reviews from one of the overseas online pharmacies that can be trusted to deliver high-quality medication within the agreed time:

Pharmacy Mall Customer Reviews

Pharmacy Mall Customer Reviews

How to Order Prescription Drugs from Overseas Online Pharmacy

To order prescription drugs from an overseas online pharmacy, you should find out if the pharmacy has been verified. You will also find out if it has been faithful in delivering their customers’ orders in the past before you entrust them with your order. If it is, you will then go ahead and place the order.

You will enter the name of the drug you wish to buy in the search box provided and check whether the drug is in stock. If it is, you will click on it and you will be able to view a detailed description of the drug and the prices of the different dosages.

You will select the dose and the quantity you wish to buy and add it to your cart. You will be able to see the cost of the drugs in your shopping cart and if that is all you wish to buy; you will press the check out icon.

You will submit the details of the payment method that will be used in paying for the drug and when the payment is successfully processed, you will receive a notification on the shipping of the drugs. The shipping will either be through the standard mail which is cheaper and takes longer, or the express mail which is more expensive but the drugs will get to you in a shorter time. To avoid the high cost of using express mail, you should order the medications before your current dose is exhausted. This will give the pharmacy enough time to ship the drugs and you will be able to receive them in time.

Overseas Online Pharmacies Prices

The prices of medications in online pharmacies are cheaper compared to the prices of medications at local chemists. At times the cost of the drugs could even be 90% less which is a great saving from the cost of prescription drugs.

Some overseas online pharmacies are located in countries that have put in place stringent measures to ensure that the prices of drugs remain low. This means that these pharmacies cannot sell beyond the set prices and the beneficiaries will be the customers who buy from these pharmacies.

Overseas online pharmacies do not have a lot of overhead costs in their operations; this makes them able to sell drugs at lower prices and still get huge profits.

Price of Viagra at one of the Reputed Online Pharmacies

Price of Viagra at one of the Reputed Online Pharmacies


Overseas online pharmacies are a reliable source of prescription drugs which are sold at lower prices. This will enable those that cannot afford insurance covers to get their prescription drugs at affordable prices. The drugs that would be difficult to find in local pharmacies will be found in overseas online pharmacies since they source their drugs from reputable manufacturers all over the world. Always be on the lookout so that you will not be deceived into buying from rogue online pharmacies. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies and select one of the credible online pharmacies listed there to buy drugs from.

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