Onemedstore: An Online Pharmacy with Occasional Gaps in Delivery Process

Onemedstore is an online pharmacy that was set up in 2009 that mostly deals with the sale of generic medications at low prices.

Onemedstore cares about the need for privacy when shopping online and this is why all measures have been put in place to ensure that no information regarding a customer will be available for a third party. All connections are secure and only the staff at Onemedstore will be able to get through. The shipping of the drugs will also be carried out in such as way that no one else will guess the content of the package by just looking at it.

The pharmacy does not require a prescription to process the orders sent in by customers. This will make it very easy for a customer who does not have the time to visit a doctor to get a prescription to buy his medications. He will simply need to know the name of the medication he wishes to buy and once he enters the name of the medication in the provided search box, he will proceed with the simplified steps of purchasing the drugs. If he does not know the name of the drug, he will still be able to make his purchases by clicking on the complication he is suffering from and all the medications that can be used will be displayed.

Onemedstore Coupon Code

Onemedstore offers multiple discounts to their customers to ensure that they pay the lowest price for their medications. There is an offer where every customer who writes a testimonial in regards to the services received at the pharmacy will get 30% bonus pills in the next order.

Customers who buy medications worth $149 will have the drugs shipped for free via the standard shipping. For free shipping through the express mail, a customer has to buy drugs worth $249 to get the offer.

There is also a 20% unpaid bonus pills that will be issued to customers every time the order for a refill at the pharmacy which will help in bringing down the cost of medications.

If you are an existing customer of another online pharmacy, you will get a 20% bonus pills on the first order that you make at Onemedstore. This is a way of welcoming new clients and also a way of ensuring that once a customer buys his medications from the pharmacy, he will not go back to purchase from the pharmacy he used to buy his medications from.

If you make an addition to your order within twenty-four hours, you will still pay the same shipping fee. A customer will be able to buy as many medications as possible within twenty-four hours and still not get additional shipping charges.

Onemedstore Deals

Onemedstore Deals

Onemedstore Deals

Onemedstore Reviews

Onemedstore has mixed reviews from customers who have been purchasing drugs from them with some of the customers happy while others are dissatisfied with both the services and the medications that were received from the pharmacy. Nick says that the order was delivered very fast through the express mail. He says that the price of the medications was more than she has anticipated by $40. He is thankful for getting a great deal when dealing with the pharmacy. Paul is also grateful for the two times he has ordered from the pharmacy. His drugs were delivered in good condition and always within the agreed time.

Nick had a bad experience with the pharmacy when he attempted to buy medications from them and he says that this is a scam which cannot be trusted. David also thinks that the pharmacy is a scam because they are yet to deliver his order. He had been promised that the order will be sent via express mail which is faster but this was not done. It is also sad that the pharmacy stopped responding to his emails.

Zdzisuaf says that he is satisfied with the services received at the pharmacy and he is happy to write a review regarding the quality of their services. Despite the multiple positive reviews regarding the quality of the medications received from the Onemedstore, it is evident that their communication with the pharmacy is poor and the drugs take a long time to be delivered. One of the customers says that he had been promised that the drugs would be delivered via express mail but they never kept their word.

Below are some of the reviews from customers that have been purchasing drugs from Onemedstore:

Onemedstore Customer Reviews

Onemedstore Customer Reviews

Onemedstore Australia Buy Online

Onemedstore pharmacy does not require a prescription to dispense any of the medications that they stock. They have made the process of making their order very simple so that customers will not have to waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to navigate through the website. Here is a procedure that you will follow when buying from Onemedstore:

  • Enter the product’s name in the search box to know if the drug is available at the pharmacy. The available dosages and packages will be displayed and you will add the dosage and the quantity you will be purchasing to cart.
  • You will be able to see the total cost of the drugs in the shopping cart, the discounts that will be applied on the purchase like bonus pills, discount on bulk purchases, among others. If the value of the drugs is above $149, shipping will not be charged if the standard shipping will be used. For Express mail, the drugs have to be worth over $249.
  • You will proceed to checkout where you will provide the details that will facilitate the payment and shipping of the drugs. These details should be accurate as wrong details will only delay the shipping of the drugs.


Onemedstore has been selling medications since 2009 and according to the reviews from customers who have been buying from them, some have found them trustworthy while others find them quite unreliable. All the medications that are stocked are of the highest qualitym though the pharmacy has a problem with the delivery of the medications as well as lack of proper communication on the side of the pharmacy. You should remain alert when buying drugs online so that those who operate rogue online pharmacies will not deceive you into buying fake medications. We have provides a list of Top Online Pharmacies that will guide you in choosing the right online pharmacy you can buy effective medications from.

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