Medstore Online Reviews: Supplying Prescription Medication at Cheap Prices

Medstore Online is an online pharmacy supplying prescription medication at cheap prices. acts as a broker of other pharmacies which have been approved by the bodies that regulate the operations of online pharmacies. Most of the drugs sold at this pharmacy are generic medications that are sourced from different countries all over the world, India being its main source. The drugs have been approved as safe and effective by the health bodies that control the drugs that enter the market and you can, therefore, be assured that they will be effective in the treatment of the complication you may be suffering from.

The pharmacy’s website is easy to navigate and you will find the drugs you are searching for with ease which is quite convenient for those customers who have little time as a result of their busy schedule. The customer service team at the pharmacy is always ready to offer assistance in case you need clarification on any issue regarding the products sold at the pharmacy or even assistance with the ordering process.

If you wish to order prescription drugs from and do not have a prescription at hand, you will be assisted on how you can access an online doctor who will issue a prescription after consultation. This is quite convenient especially for those who suffer from complications such as erectile dysfunction and are ashamed of exposing their incapacitation to a door personally. They will conveniently talk to an online doctor without the fear of stigmatization. Reviews

Customers who have transacted with are grateful for the quality of services offered at the pharmacy. Lin Washburne is one of them and she says that she recently placed her third order with the pharmacy and she was impressed. She says that though the pills are from India, they are of high-quality and the prices are quite affordable. Doyle is another happy customer who says she has very little time to look for her drugs which she needed urgently. She ordered the pills from Medstore Online and within a period of nine days, she had received the drugs. She discovered that the pills received are generic but very effective and recommends anyone who needs to buy drugs to try this pharmacy.

Medstore Online Customer reviews

Medstore Online Customer reviews

Simon has also had a chance to purchase drugs from the pharmacy and he says her order was delivered in seven days and was very effective as well. WR noted that the pharmacy keeps shifting from one website to the other and they are currently operating under the name She has been using the services of the pharmacy for the past five years and only once was there a delay in the shipment. One customer complained of not getting the refund though.

Medstore Online Coupon Code

To ensure that customers buying from the pharmacy get the cheapest prices for the drugs, Medstore Online has made discount coupons available. When you purchase drugs from the pharmacy, you will get a 10% discount on the total cost of the drugs. There is also a provision of free shipping when you buy drugs that cost over $250 which also amounts to great saving. You will have been saved from the time you would have spent traveling to a local pharmacy to look for the drugs and the cost you would have incurred in the transportation. Below is a photo of one of the current discount coupon:

Medstore Online Discount Coupon

Medstore Online Discount Coupon

To stay updated as soon as a new discount is available at the pharmacy, you can subscribe to their emails and be the first to know when one is available. If you do not wish to receive emails, you can also keep checking for updates on the pharmacy’s website as they will also be posted as soon as they are activated.

Whenever you pay for your drugs via Echeck, you will get a $15 discount off the total cost of the drugs. You will also get a 20% off the cost of the medication when you pay for the drugs using bitcoins.

How to Order from Medstore Online Pharmacy

To order from Medstore Online pharmacy, you will search if the drug you wish to buy is in stock and if it is, you will click on it, and add it to your cart. If the drugs are prescription-only drugs, you will be required to fill in a questionnaire which will be reviewed by an online doctor. If he is convinced that you need the medications, your order will be processed.

On the billing section, you will be required to submit the details of the method you will use in paying for the drugs. The total cost of the drugs including the shipping and packing charges will be deducted and once it is successful, you will be notified of the shipping progress.

All drugs are shipped to personal addresses and not to a postal address and this may take a maximum of twenty-eight days. If the order has already been processed, it will be impossible to cancel it. You, therefore, have to be careful when placing the order and ensure that you order for the right drugs before submitting the order for processing.

Photo of Medstore Online Shopping cart

Photo of Medstore Online Shopping cart

Is Medstore Online Legit?

Medstore Online pharmacy is highly recommended by customers who have been purchasing from them, some of whom have been customers for the past five years. The only negative review is when a customer had a long delay in the delivery of his order but the pharmacy re-shipped the order when he notified them.

If a customer receives an order and he is not happy with the drugs, he has up to fifteen days to return the drugs after which he will receive a refund of the total cost of the drugs after deducting the shipping charges.

The pharmacy sells legal drugs and follows all the laid down procedures in all its operations which is a proof of its legitimacy. There is also a toll-free line through which you can contact the pharmacy and air your concerns about any other issue that is of importance to you.


Medstore Online is a credible pharmacy that is highly recommended by customers who have been buying drugs from them. The pharmacy has partnered with other legitimate online pharmacies to ensure that customers will get any drug they wish to buy as soon as the order is placed. They sell their drugs at lower prices to ensure that none will be unable to afford their prescription medication. Always remain alert when buying drugs online so that you do not get tricked into buying fake drugs. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies to get help in identifying credible online pharmacies to buy drugs from.

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