Legal Online Pharmacies: Avoid Scammers and Get Genuine Medication

We decided to go through the comments people had left online after shopping from a web pharmacy. We were surprised by a large number of people complaining that they had been scammed, lost their money and even received fake drugs. This showed us how many people had been involved with fake drug stores. This told us that something had to be done. The major thing we can do is write and educate our readers on how to find a legal pharmacy they can trust to deliver genuine medication.

Online Pharmacies Prescription Meds

It is worth noting the fact that more people are beginning to realize how much money they have been losing when purchasing their meds in the local stores and moving their business online has provided scammers with a chance to steal from more people. This can be verified by a report given by NABP (National Association Board of Pharmacies). They indicated that currently there are more than 35,000 online drugstores. On a daily basis, 20 more drugstores are getting created. The report also claimed that more than 95% of all these pharmacies were illegal. This shows you how hard it can be to find a pharmacy that will offer you quality services. But, is there a way you can locate a genuine and legal online pharmacy?

Find Legal Online Pharmacies

First, you will have to avoid using the look that the online drugstore websites have. This can be pretty misleading. This is because fake pharmacies look exactly like the real drug stores. Some of them will even go ahead and include regulatory body logos just to make you think that they have been accredited by regulatory bodies.

Speaking of regulatory bodies, there are various bodies which check to see whether online pharmacies are following the law. If a pharmacy operating online has its base in Canada, then, the pharmacy regulatory body to check is CIPA which stands for the Canadian International Pharmacy Association:

CIPA Homepage

CIPA Homepage

Using CIPA website to determine whether a website is a verified online pharmacy or just another scam site is not that hard. All you have to do is copy the site web address and paste it into the text box on the top-right of the homepage. This will give you the results telling you whether the site is an active member of CIPA.

Another regulatory body is VIPPS which stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. This regulatory body was founded back in 1999 by NABP to help curb the ever-growing number of fake online pharmacies. This program has a huge list of not recommended pharmacy sites. This list has thousands of drug stores on it. Before determining whether a pharmacy is good to shop from or not, you should take a few minutes to check this list.

Another thing you should consider before buying your meds online from a drugstore is the reviews the site has. If the site is genuine, it should have numerous genuine reviews. Don’t always trust the reviews you find on the drugstore official site. There are pharmacy sites which will place fake reviews on their testimonials page to trick you. Instead, check if you can find positive reviews on third-party sites which are positive. The pharmacy will not have access to these reviews.

You should check whether a pharmacy has been online for a long time and whether it has managed to serve a lot of people. If it has been available on the web and it is trusted by many people, it is likely to be legal.

As you can see, determining whether an online pharmacy is legal or illegal takes too much work. It is not worth it to use all your time trying to determine which pharmacy is legal. This is the work we took our time to do. Our catalog has all the legal pharmacies you should use.

Legal Online Pharmacies Viagra

Erectile dysfunction is increasing. The causes are usually out of men’s control. However, being able to manage this condition and also enjoy a great sex life is in the men’s control. This can be done using Viagra. This medication is too expensive in the local stores. A pill goes for 70 dollars. However, if you look for it in the legal online pharmacies available in our catalog, you will be shocked by how cheap it is. The following is the price for Viagra online:

Legal Online Pharmacies Viagra Price

Legal Online Pharmacies Viagra Price

The medication price goes down from $70 in the local stores to only $3.61 in the online stores. This saves you more than 90%. If you increase the number of pills you buy, you get to pay even less. Note that scammers will try to make you buy from them by using ridiculously low prices. Don’t fall for their tricks. If you do, you will get your money stolen and you will either receive fake meds or nothing at all.

Legal Online Pharmacies Mail Order

People fear to order meds online because they think they have to wait for a long time before their meds arrive. This is not the case. Medications should get to you within a period that does not exceed 21 days. Make sure that the meds are coming from a legal online pharmacy. Otherwise, you will wait for meds which will never arrive. Legal pharmacies will always keep you updated during the delivery process. Also, if a legal online pharmacy loses your package, it will be replaced or refunded.


It is not that easy to determine which online pharmacy is legal. It takes hard work and a lot of research which involves ordering meds from the pharmacy just to see whether they deliver and if what is delivered is the real thing or it is some fake meds. This is work you don’t have to do because we have already done it. To get access to the top-rated and legal online pharmacies, you only need to check our catalog. Thousands of customers who have commented regarding the services offered by pharmacies in the catalog have indicated they are all happy.

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