Is Accessrx Legitimate: Will You Get Genuine Meds and High-Quality Services?

Accessrx is an online medication vendor established back in 1998. A pharmacy that has managed to stay in business for more than 2 decades has to be serious about the services and medication they offer. This is the first factor that made us think that Accessrx might be legitimate. However, we won’t conclude whether it is legitimate until we know what Accessrx is. The drugstore reports that it has already managed to serve more than 600,000 people. This online pharmacy claims that it sells only FDA-approved medications. They only stock brand name drugs.

The major pharmacies from which they source their meds include Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Bayer, GSK, and Merck. To get your meds from the drug vendor you will need a prescription. However, this vendor offers free video consultation with the US state-licensed physicians. Therefore, you can get prescribed to your meds online.

The drugstore offers a variety of medications. The most popular meds they seemed to have, were for solving men’s erection issues. These include Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. Other medication categories include hair loss meds, stop smoking meds, weight loss meds, Allergy relief meds, Acid reflux medication, and even sexual lubricants.

This store handles payments through credit cards. They accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. This is another thing that shows that they care about their customers. Credit cards are the safest way of paying for anything online since the buyer has the ability to dispute the charges in the future.

Is Accessrx Reputable

A reputable online pharmacy is supposed to have customers who are talking about it online. We decided to find out whether the pharmacy has reviews online. These would help us know whether it offers good enough services to make it popular and reputable. The reviews would also help us determine how legitimate it is. We managed to find a large number of reviews on the reviews site known as Trustpilot. The pharmacy seemed to have built itself a reputation. Out of the 1425 reviews available 1078 reviewers or 76% of the reviewers had rated the drugstore 5 stars. Here are some reviews:

Accessrx Reviews

Accessrx Reviews

Robert says that this pharmacy has a great customer service department. He says he was treated by the drugstore like they knew him. There were caring.

Accessrx User Testimonials

Accessrx User Testimonials

The above reviewer bought sildenafil citrate or what a lot of people know as Viagra. He is happy with his order. He indicates that the pharmacy has high prices for the meds he needed.

Accessrx User Comment (source: https://www

Accessrx User Comment (source:

The above reviewer says that he has been using Accessrx for a couple of years now. He says that every time he has had a positive experience.

The above reviewers are happy with the services they got from Accessrx. They received their medications on time and they enjoyed the services given to them by the customer service department. This shows that Accessrx is legitimate. However, as a buyer, you will not just get attracted to a pharmacy just because it is legitimate. You will need to find a pharmacy that you can afford too. So, can you afford the price at which medications are sold at Accessrx?

Accessrx Viagra

A common medication that seemed to have a large number of buyers at Accessrx is Viagra. This is the medication that males who are suffering from impotence usually buy. By checking the price at which Accessrx was selling this medication, we figured that it would help us know or estimate how much the other meds would cost. We were astonished after seeing the high price this medication was being old at. Here is the price list straight from Accessrx drugstore:

Accessrx Viagra

Accessrx Viagra

Note they indicate you will be getting 4 doses at 95 dollars. This is a marketing technic. In the real sense, what you will be getting is a single 100 mg pill which you will have to divide 4 times to get the 4 doses. They try to entice customers using a free pill cutter. The price of 95 dollars a pill is too high. Even in the local stores, the pill will cost the buyer 70 dollars a pill.

This means that people who are on a budget will not have the ability to purchase the medication. But, there is good news. You have the ability to buy the medication at $3.61 a pill. To get this deal, you will only need to use the pharmacies available in our catalog. Just like Accessrx, these pharmacies are legitimate. The advantage they have over Accessrx is the cheap prices they offer, you get to pay over 90% less.

Accessrx Coupon  

As a way to entice customers and make them buy from them, Accessrx has a large number of coupon codes. These are available on their official site and in third-party sites. Some of the coupons we found on the site include ED6 which allows the buyer to save 6%, Another coupon code is BUY7 which will allow the buyer to save 7%. The coupon PRICE7 will allow the buyer to save 7% on his or her meds. Other coupons included on the web are as follows:

Accessrx Third-Party Coupons

Accessrx Third-Party Coupons

The first coupon code will allow you to save 7%. The second code will allow you to save 5% if you are buying erectile dysfunction meds. If you are buying sildenafil citrate, you can use the third deal to get 50% off your order.


Looking at all the evidence presented in this article, you will have to agree that Accessrx is legitimate. Buyers who order from the drugstore always got their medications on time. The problem is that this is a pharmacy for the rich. If you are on a budget, buying your drugs from Accessrx will be a struggle. The store is even more expensive than some local stores. Better choices are available. The best thing you can do is use the pharmacies in our catalog. These pharmacies are legitimate and they are over 90% cheaper than Accessrx.

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