Total Care Mart – Pharmacy with More Than Ten Thousand Satisfied Customers Under the Belt

Total Care Mart claims to be a prescription referral service that contracts with licensed Canadian pharmacies and even international pharmacies located in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Mauritius, Turkey, New Zealand and Australia to ensure its customers have a trusted source for their medications. also asserts that with their extensive range of products and relatively low prices their customers are bound to save cash quite easily. This prescription online referral store does not only sell prescription drugs but also distributes non-prescription as well as pet medications thus, assuring prospective customers that they do not have to look too far to find medications and other health products.

While there is no mention whether or not the drugs sold on the website are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) they have the approval seal of Pharmacy Checker and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) assuring customers that medications they ship out even to the United States and other countries are tested and trusted. This online drug store claims to have a reliable professional team that ensures that its customers enjoy a pleasant and stress-free experience using the website and to do this they claim to not only provide services that are efficient but cost-effective and that they strive to avoid hidden charges in order to gain the trust of customers.

Total Care Mart assures its customers of reliable customer assistance all seven days of the week toll-free as well as online via the live chat section at the bottom left of the homepage. Customers who purchase medications within the United States are required to pay an additional 9.95 USD while those residing outside the United States are required to pay a shipping fee of 19.95 USD per order, however, this online drug store does not accept returns even if the package it was shipped in was still in its proper condition. They instead advise customers to either contact their toll-free number or make use of the live chat option to speak to a customer care representative to discuss such concerns.

Total Care Mart - Pharmacy with More Than Ten Thousand Satisfied Customers Under the Belt
Total Care Mart Home Page

Total Care Mart Reviews

The Total care mart website has a link to a third party website where it is claimed that the ratings and reviews on the website are from actual paying customers who have purchased from total care mart. This online drug store has so many positive reviews, a total of 10,558 customers were very satisfied with the services and their overall experience using total care mart. There were, however, negative reviews from customers present on this third-party website. A few of these customer comments are shown in the screenshots below

Total Care Mart Customer Review

Carolyn Cartwright, a customer from the United States was not very satisfied with the medication she placed an order for and received and commented that the product strength was not up to the one she purchased at a local pharmacy in the US. Total care mart responded to her complaint that if she has any concerns about the medication she purchased, they can arrange for a pharmacist to contact her right away. She was then assured of a follow-up call.

Customer Review for Total Care Mart Services

Gary Hall was dissatisfied that the number of pills he ordered for was short of 6 tablets when it was delivered to him and so instead of getting 90 pills for his 90-day prescription he got only 84 pills. He expressed his dissatisfaction by calling out to Total cart mart that if he had purchased a yearly prescription it would mean that he would get almost a month’s supply short of his medications. He described this as not customer-friendly since his prescription would run out before time and he would have to go meet a doctor under a year. He was further annoyed by the fact that he was still charged the same price for the reduced number of pills.

Total Care Mart Coupon

The Total care Mart website did not contain any coupons or promotional codes for customers to make use of, however, there are different coupon code websites that customers may get free coupon codes and use when purchasing medications from this online drug store at a discounted rate. One of such coupon codes available on a third party website is “SHIP” which allows customers to get free shipping on all orders made using the website.

Total Care Mart also offers a referral program where if an existing customer refers a friend or a family member to use this online drug store and they mention the name of the customer who referred them while signing up over the phone, they get 20 USD off their first order while the referral gets 20 USD when the order ships. There is also a single advert for discounts and special offers on the website that requested that customers follow the company’s Facebook page to get frequent updates.

There were no indications as to whether the prices of medications are reduced or not when customers placed an order for large quantities of a medication but customers are assured that they can expect to use coupons as well as promotional codes on the website and that when such coupons are made available, only one can be used per order and cannot be combined with the referral program.


Total Care Mart is an intermediary between customers and licensed pharmacies located in Canada as well as internationally that offers its customers access to high-quality prescription, non-prescription and even pet medications. It is approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and Pharmacy Checker assuring customers that they distribute only genuine medications to customers in different parts of the world.

Total Care Mart has quite a number of positive reviews with most customers praising the customer care representatives and assured others of the exceptional services offered by this online drugstore. There were also negative reviews about the quality of medications shipped to customers. This online drugstore did not have coupon codes but a referral program through which customers may save cash when purchasing medications. Legitimate pharmaceutical vendors can easily be found online when prospective buyers look up our list of top recommended online pharmacies.