Global Pharmacy Plus – Read More on This Store Now

Online purchases of medicines are becoming a norm to most consumers because buyers are now learning that medicines typically cost less at online pharmacies than in local drugstores. Most online pharmacies are able to get their supplies directly from companies manufacturing the medications. Also, most online pharmacies are able to get the medicines internationally, hence their ability to offer cheaper generic medicines to buyers in countries where brand-name medicines are typically exclusive.

Global Pharmacy Plus is one such online drugstore catering to consumers on a global scale. The shop claims to offer some of the lowest prices for its medicines, hence the buyer liking for the store. Testimonials for the store attest to the consumers’ preference for Global Pharmacy Plus, so we tried to gather more information on this store’s operations and performance.

Global Pharmacy Viagra: What Do I Need to Know About This Company?

Global Pharmacy Plus, just like its name implies, is an online drugstore catering to consumers all over the world. According to this shop, it started serving its consumers since 2004 and from there was able to cater to 200k+ buyers. Global Pharmacy Plus is not actually a pharmacy—just like the others, it is a mail-order prescription service with links to local drugstore networks in various countries like Singapore, European countries, and India. The shop ensures that the buyers have access to only the highest quality medications that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Global Pharmacy Plus – Read More on This Store Now
Global Pharmacy Plus

Consumers can find prescription and non-prescription items on Global Pharmacy Plus. The shop currently has 646 medicines, including pet medications and to access them, the consumers can search the medicines by their names or by the medical conditions they are relevant to. Patients can find medicines for osteoporosis, ADHD, men’s health, eye care, diabetes, and others at Global Pharmacy Plus. The most popular medicines, however, include the following items:

  • Generic Viagra – starts at $45
  • Advair inhaler – starts at $33
  • Generic Atorvastatin – starts at $50
  • Generic Nexium – starts at $54

Buyers can order their medicines at Global Pharmacy Plus by creating an account on the website. However, to complete the orders, the buyers should mail, email, or fax the prescriptions to Global Pharmacy Plus’ customer support team—otherwise, their orders won’t be processed.

Medicines ordered on Global Pharmacy Plus should only be for a maximum of a 90-day supply, as per US FDA guidelines. As far as Global Pharmacy Plus is concerned, the buyers will not be required to pay for additional fees except for the shipping fee, which is a flat $12 regardless of the buyer location.

According to Global Pharmacy Plus, the medicines typically reach the consumers within 12 to 16 days of payment (payments are done through MasterCard, personal checks, and money orders. Global Pharmacy Plus replaces lost orders or issues a refund for consumers with missing items, damaged orders, or wrong orders.

Global Pharmacy Canada Consumer Reports

To further evaluate Global Pharmacy Plus, we looked into the available customer reviews for the website. The store bravely links its profile to a third-party review site,, where overall it had 636 reviews for its products and service for the past several years.

Global Pharmacy Plus Overall Rating

According to the store’s rating on Bizrate, Global Pharmacy Plus had a total of 8.9 out of 10 points from its consumers. On a scale of 10, 9.3 buyers would shop from the store again and 9.1/10 would recommend the store to their friends.

Global Pharmacy Plus Review

According to Diamond, she will order from the store again because of its good prices. The user also stated that she will recommend the store to her friends.

Global Pharmacy Plus Customer Experience

The user Roadsideboy2 was happy that Global Pharmacy Plus had reasonable prices for the erectile dysfunction medicines he needed. Apart from the low prices, the user also mentioned that he was able to receive his orders in record time.

Global Pharmacy Plus Testimonial

According to one user named Ben, he’s been getting his prescription from Global Pharmacy Plus for more than 5 years, and that him using for several years says a lot about the store.

The user JJ also gave a good review for Global Pharmacy Plus and said that he loved using the shop. However, he mentioned that the store should provide its users a faster shipping option for those who are willing to pay the extra fee.

Global Pharmacy Plus Feedback

Eddie also had good comments for the shop before and after his purchase from the store. During his order process, he mentioned having no problems and also mentioned that he’s had no problems after his purchase from the site.

Global Pharmacy Plus Customer Report

Although the store typically had good comments for its service, some customers still had concerns about the store. According to one online shopper, there was a glitch during checkout and instead of getting only one set, he ended up getting 2 sets (this occurred twice). He also was a bit disappointed that the shop does not take VISA cards.

Is Global Pharmacy Plus Legitimate: How Do I Know if a Store is Legal or Not?

It is often difficult to differentiate a legitimate store from a scam one, so it is important for consumers to keep the following in mind when looking for good online drugstores to use:

  • Read customer reviews, especially ones from third-party websites.
  • Use shops with SSL security.
  • Buy from stores asking for legal prescriptions for their items.
  • Responsive stores are reliable; choose shops with real contact details and helpful support teams.
  • Use domain checking platforms to identify more details on a shop you’re eyeing.


Global Pharmacy Plus is an online pharmacy that started its service in 2004. It sells affordable brand and generic treatments to consumers all over the world and has garnered acclaim from its consumers. Most of the buyers were grateful to Global Pharmacy Plus for its service, but some mentioned that the store needs improvement in some areas.