Canadian Drugstore Chains: Trusted Source of Effective Medications

The Canadian drugstore industry has grown over the years due to the increased demand for pharmaceutical products both at the local Canadian market and the international market as well. Though the government has put measures in place to ensure that the prices of drugs in Canada are controlled and pharmaceutical companies cannot overcharge their customers, they are still able to make huge profits from the sale of generic drugs. Many well-established pharmacies that started off as a single pharmacy have developed a chain of stores to tap as many customers as possible.

The Canadian drugstore chains are strategically located in places where there is heavy traffic where they will be able to attract as many customers as possible. Such places will include shopping centers and big pharmacy malls where people will come in multitudes to make their purchases. Besides having a widespread local market for the drugs, Canadian drugstore chains have also benefited from opening up online pharmacies where they will be able to reach out to more people in the global market. Places like the United States where the prices of drugs are not controlled sell prescription drugs at very high prices which denies a lot of people from their right to affordable medication.

As a result, they have turned to Canadian pharmacies where they will be able to buy the drugs at cheaper prices. Even when the insurance covers will not assist in buying drugs from such online pharmacies, the price is quite affordable and they will comfortably afford to pay from their pockets. Others will turn to Canadian drugstore chains to buy the drugs that are not covered by insurance.

Top Canadian Pharmacy Names List

Below is a list of the biggest Canadian drugstore chains:

  • Katz Group: this drugstore chain operates over 460 Rexall as well as Rexall Pharmacy Plus pharmacies all over Canada.
  • McKesson: It operates IDA as well as Guardian Pharmacies located in various locations in Canada.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: this pharmacy chain was established by Loblaw and has over 1,307 Pharmaprix stores located in various locations in Canada.
  • Pharmasave:  It commands 417 drugstores that are located in Quebec, Ontario, and also New Brunswick.
  • London Drugs: the chain has over seventy-eight stores that are located in Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, among others.

Photo of London Drugstore chains

Photo of London Drugstore chains

  • The Lawtons Drugstore: this operates over seventy-nine independent stores that are located in Atlantic Canada.

Besides serving the Canadian population, you will be able to order your medications online from any place and have it delivered via mail. You will be required to send in a prescription if you will be purchasing prescription-only drugs without which your order cannot be processed. It is also possible to transfer your prescription from the pharmacy you are currently buying drugs from to Canadian drugstore chains where the prices are affordable.

Largest Retail Pharmacy Chains in Canada Buy Prescriptions Cheap Online

The following is the process of buying drugs online from the leading retails pharmacy chains in Canada:

  • The first step when buying drugs online is to ensure that the pharmacy has been licensed by the bodies that regulate pharmacies, including a license from the federal government. You can also check the credibility of the pharmacy by searching the reviews from customers who have previously purchased drugs from the pharmacy where you will be able to know if the pharmacy keeps its word.
  • Once you are satisfied that the pharmacy is legitimate, you will enter the name of the drug you wish to purchase in the search icon to see if it is in stock. If it is, you will click on it; you will be able to view a detailed description of the drugs and the prices. If you want to proceed with the purchase, you will click on it and add it to cart.
  • If you are buying prescription-only drugs, you will be required to submit your prescription to enable the pharmacy to process your order. Without it, most of these Canadian drugstore chains will not dispense the drugs.
  • You will be able to see the value of the drugs in your cart and if that is all you wanted to buy, you will press the checkout icon which will redirect you to the billing section. Here you will fill in the details of the payment method that will be used in paying for the drugs and also provide the details that will be used when shipping the drugs.
  • Once the payment has been successfully processed the drugs will be shipped and you will be able to receive them in the shortest possible time.

 Canadian Drugstore chains Coupon Codes

To ensure that none of their customers fail to afford their medications, Canadian drugstore chains offer seasonal discount coupons on selected items. This will further bring down the price of the drugs by a huge margin. Customers who wish to use these coupon codes have to ensure that they purchase the drugs within the time that the discount coupon is active. If they wait for too long, the offer will expire and they will have to pay the initial cost of the medication.

Rexall Pharmacy which is one of the Canadian drugstore chains offer various discounts when customers purchase selected brands as shown below:

The pharmacy will offer bonus air miles reward on selected drug brands which will greatly reduce the overall transportation cost for the drugs. There is also an active offer where customers who buy prescription drugs will get 2$ off their purchases. To make sure that you do not miss out on any offer, you can subscribe to receive emails from you Canadian drugstore chain.

Photo of Rexall Pharmacy coupon code

Photo of Rexall Pharmacy coupon code


Canadian drugstore chains have done a commendable job in ensuring that the local Canadian residents, as well as their international customers, are able to access their medications at cheap prices. The drugs sold at the pharmacies are original and contains the same active ingredient as the drugs sold at local pharmacies. You can, therefore, be assured that the drug will work well in the relief of the complication you may be suffering from. You should always be careful when buying drugs from an online pharmacy to avoid being tricked into buying from rogue pharmacies. To get help in identifying a legitimate pharmacy t buy drugs from, you can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies.

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