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Along our lifetimes, we all inevitably come into contact with some form of drugs or medications that are needed in order to help treat a condition. Whether it be from the time you were born, or whether you’ve only had to use them extensively when you were much older, prescription medications can be a convenient, safe, and proven way to deal with conditions and diseases on a scale that has never been seen before. If you were to make these somehow more convenient and accessible, then the world may look much different. This is already being realized through websites like Canada Drugs.

The internet has evolved into a place where many cross-continental operations and interactions have been made possible, and this is all the more so for online pharmacies. You would think of a pharmacy as a building, maybe with a big red cross on the front with glass doors that lets people see the great stock of drugs being held inside. If you take this concept, but bring it online, then you have an online or internet pharmacy, which has become massively popular in recent times due to a person’s ability to check prices before purchasing, which are often much lower than the normal rates, as well as staying in the privacy of their own homes during this transaction and having the package shipped right to them.

Canada Drugs has been one of many popular online pharmacies, especially amidst Canadian-based pharmacies. In order to use it properly, you’ll have to sign up with an account, but the process is known to be quick and simple, after which you will have little problem dealing with refills of prescriptions since your medical data will be taken into account. They offer both over the counter and prescription products, all of which you can search for by typing in the name.

Canada Drugs Online Review

When it comes to online pharmacies, Canada Drugs is not a lone wolf. In fact, several other Canadian pharmacies make use of the same features that the site in question has, and so people may have difficulty trying to figure out which site might be better than another, which is where reviews come into play. You can find several of these at independent review sites that give consumers a voice. If you dig through Canada Drugs file, you can see a substantial amount of feedback that results in mixed ratings.

This Review sits on the fence on Canada Drugs Quality

This Review sits on the fence on Canada Drugs Quality

The above review is one of a few that lie dead center between opinions, with Canada Drugs being regarded as a decent site that needs to work out several kinks to become much more favorable to people. While the prices are affordable, the customer remarks that they have communication delays with both the physician and the buyer. Some positive reviews will remark that the prices have been an absolute lifesaver in a world where pharmacies are making prices higher and higher.

However, other customers accuse the site of being dishonest and constantly delaying shipments, while also providing fake medicines. While the severity of these claims still needs to be confirmed, it is highly worth noting that the site seems to have some legal issues with the US Department of Justice, and so they will be closing operations in July of 2018.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs From Canada

Canadian pharmacies like Canada Drugs have been getting attention for many years now, but why is this so? When it comes to healthcare, Canada is known for having one of the best systems in the world and for having meds sold for much lower than they would be in a few Western countries. This mix of reliability and affordability makes ordering prescription drugs from Canada through the mail a very attractive prospect, especially for Americans who are having difficulties living day to day while also requiring important meds.

CIPA Homepage

CIPA Homepage

When it comes to the legitimacy of Canadian pharmacies, however, many news plugs are putting them in a very bad light. In order to give more users a sense of security and safety, the CIPA was created, which is an association composed of legal pharmacies. Seeing that a website you’re visiting has their logo can be a comforting assurance of their reliability.

Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacies don’t just exist in Canada but all over the world. Due to the great amount of stigma that comes from scam sites and fake medications, many people can be highly skeptical ordering meds online. However, with online resources and information, you can find out which sites can be trusted and which to avoid.

NABP List of Suspicious Vendors

NABP List of Suspicious Vendors

The NABP, which mostly deals with US affairs but has a reach globally, aims to list suspicious sites and verify real online pharmacies that have actual licenses. It is important that you see whether a site asks a customer for their valid prescription, whether they have a secure method of payment and keep their client’s personal and medical information secure. All these and more are fundamental aspects of good online pharmacies.


Canada Drugs has existed for quite a while online and has continued to be a popular alternative for many international buyers for their choice of medications. Online pharmacies like these are but one of many, often Canadian in nature, but you need to have a good understanding and foundation of these vendors to see whether it is really beneficial to use them. Reviews, for example, can reveal the reputation of an online site, and so far, Canada Drugs seems to be mixed between highly positive and highly negative experiences from different customers, which gives you a bit of a red flag concerning the consistency of their service. It also seems like the websites will be closing soon, which means that many of their regular customers will have to look to other vendors for their prescription supplies. If you are wondering yourself about other websites that are reputable and trustworthy, you can simply check our recommendations list of pharmacies here.

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