Can You Buy Prescription Drugs Online Without Prescription Requirements

Prescription drugs are only meant to be sold after consultation with a doctor who will issue a prescription to buy the drugs. Any online pharmacy which offers to sell prescription drugs without asking if you were examined by a medical doctor and given a prescription which you will use to buy the drugs is not legitimate.

Any legal pharmacy will direct you to a doctor for examination first before you are issued with a prescription. Some pharmacies will direct you to an online doctor who will examine you but this only happens in the following cases:

  • If the online doctor has previously treated you
  • If the online doctor knows the drugs you have been using in the past.
  • If the online doctor can access your medical history up to the most recent.

The online doctor will need the above so that he can make the right diagnosis and in turn, be able to prescribe the right drugs that will treat your current condition. It will be impossible to simply diagnose a serious condition by just looking at a questionnaire that has been filled online. That doctor will be going against the ethics of his profession and can be taken through disciplinary actions by the bodies that govern medical doctors.

How to Recognize a Legitimate Online Pharmacy to Buy Prescription Drugs from

  • Check if the online pharmacy has a legal permit to sell drug online: Any legit online pharmacy must have a license from the country that hosts its headquarters. If the pharmacy does not show any form of documentation that shows it is registered, it cannot be trusted.
  • The online pharmacy must also have a verification seal from the bodies like the VIPPS which regulates the operation of online pharmacies. If again this is not available, do not buy from them.

Photo of a verification seal

Photo of a verification seal

  • The pharmacy must ask for a prescription before they can dispense the drugs. If the pharmacy is quick to bend this law, it cannot be trusted and you should look for services elsewhere.

The only drugs an online pharmacy is allowed to sell without a valid prescription are the over-the-counter medication.

  • The person attending to you must be a licensed pharmacist and not just a salesperson. It is a legal requirement that the person dispensing drugs should be a pharmacist who can be able to answer all the questions you may have regarding the drugs you are buying or any other related question.
  • Check whether the customers who have previously bought from the pharmacy were satisfied with the services offered from making the orders, payment, and the delivery of the drugs. If customers who transacted with the pharmacy in the past did not get what they wanted or other negative reports regarding the pharmacy, you should keep off.

Risks of Buying Prescription Drugs from Unverified Online Pharmacies in Canada

  • The prescription drugs may contain either too much or too little of the active ingredient that the original drugs contain. This means the drug will either fail to work as it should or lead to adverse reactions due to overdose.
  • Instead of having the actual active ingredient, the drug may contain harmful substances that could put your life at risk.
  • You will be putting your private detail at the mercy of people who will take advantage of you and either defraud you or get into illegal activities using your details.
  • The unverified pharmacy may fail to deliver your drugs and you will end up losing the money you paid for the drugs.
  • The drugs sold may not be labeled and may have been stored in unhealthy conditions. The drugs may also be shipped in a way that they will be contaminated by other substances in the ship.
  • Drugs sold by unverified pharmacies may not be approved by relevant bodies and may not be safe for human consumption.

Unverified online pharmacies will entice you by selling the drugs at very low prices. If you come across such a pharmacy, do not even think of buying from them. Look for evidence of verification on the pharmacy’s website; if the pharmacy is from Canada it should be verified by CIPA, the body that regulates pharmacies in Canada. It should also be verified by the international organizations like VIPPS for it to be trusted.

Benefits of Buying Prescription Drugs Online

  • Affordability: The price of drugs sold by online pharmacies is lower than the prices of the same drugs in local pharmacies. You will be able to save more on your medication by buying online.
  • Convenience: Buying drugs online can be done at any time of the day or night, unlike local pharmacies where you have to rush so that you can buy before the pharmacies close down for the day.
  • Privacy: You will be able to make your purchases at the privacy of your home or in your office, unlike local pharmacies where you have to ask for the drugs you wish to buy in the presence of other customers. Drugs delivered from online pharmacies are discreetly packaged and it will be impossible to know the content of the package. Any person who receives the drugs on your behalf will not be able to know what the package contains.
  • You will save up on transport costs as every transaction will be carried out online and the drugs will be delivered to your doorstep. You will not have to incur extra expenditure on transportation while going to search for the prescription drugs.
  • At the privacy of your home, you will be able to compare the prices of the drugs in different online pharmacies and buying from the one that sells at the lowest price.



Always ensure that you have been examined by a doctor and a prescription issued before buying drugs online. This will ensure that you buy the right drugs that will completely cure your complication. If an online pharmacy is willing to sell prescription drugs without a prescription, do not buy from them as you cannot be assured that the drugs are original. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies where only verified pharmacies are listed and choose one to buy from.

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