Blue Diamond Shaped Pill 100 Mg

Whenever you walk into a pharmacy and ask for a blue diamond pill, the pharmacist will quickly get you a Viagra. Viagra was manufactured by Pfizer in 1998. Viagra pill is blue and it has the shape of a diamond. Although some erectile dysfunction drugs are shaped like a diamond, they are rarely in blue color. Pfizer patented the blue color to be used by Viagra.
The blue diamond-shaped pill has four doses and they are 20, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. These doses are prescribed by a doctor depending on his findings. It is always important to adhere to the instructions of the doctor so that you don’t get into trouble.

They are so many manufacturers who have devised several means to imitate the original pill. They also manufacture blue pills and imprint signs that make it look similar to the original product. Since Pfizer patent expired over Viagra in 2013, other manufacturers are doing everything possible to lure customers to buy products that they claim are similar if not better than Viagra. Some unsuspecting customers have also fallen prey to their antics.

Money is hard to come by these days. No one wants to spend their money on an item and discover that it is fake. The best option is to visit any of the online pharmacies that we have carefully listed out. They are credible and reliable. They sell the original 100mg blue diamond shaped pill or any other dose of your choice. They also offer delivery services to customers.

Blue Diamond Pill No Imprint

We have discussed this in passing but the essence of repetition sometimes is to lay more emphasis so that you can’t afford to make mistakes. The blue diamond pill, commonly known as Viagra, usually comes with an imprint. Most of these imprints are for the purpose of easy identification. Most Viagra pills carry imprints that depict that they were manufactured by Pfizer or the word “Viagra” or “V” is written on the dosage. It is of great concern that other manufacturers are bent on pushing Viagra out of the market either by copying or simply claiming that their product does better. They are so many drugs that have the same physical features of Viagra i.e. the shape and color. Unfortunately, they can’t imprint Pfizer or V or Viagra as that will amount to passing off.

100mg Viagra pill

100mg Viagra pill

It is on this note that we strictly advise that you look out for blue diamond pills that have imprints on them. This will to some extent authenticate the originality of the drug. We have also made things easier for you by compiling a list of online pharmacies we can recommend that sell authentic drugs. They can also deliver the product to your doorstep discreetly.

Blue Diamond Pill Side Effects

The side effects of the blue pill are well known. If you browse the internet and ask for the side effect of Viagra on any search engine, you will get over 1000 results. This simply means that the side effects of Viagra are common knowledge. However, just to reinstate those already known facts we will also add a few new discoveries.

If you observe any side effects such as headaches, back pain, and weakness, they may likely go away in a few days’ time. It is not supposed to exceed 2 days before you regain your full health. Other factors that could lead to severe side effects are heart disease, liver or kidney problems, and stomach ulcer, high or low blood pressure. If you’re suffering from these diseases it is important to inform your doctor.

A collection of Viagra pills

A collection of Viagra pills

The blue diamond pill also interacts with alcohol and any product that contains grape. Alcohol may not complete affecting the performance of the drug if you don’t drink too much. If you’re also using any drug that contains nitrate then it could lead an interaction. An overdose could lead to severe side effects, so be cautious.


Viagra has been around for some time. The nickname was coined so that men with erectile dysfunction could easily by the drug at a pharmacy without other customers noticing that’s what they came to buy. Most men feel embarrassed discussing their sex life. Viagra has saved so many marriages and relationships. It has improved the confidence and courage that most men were lacking because they couldn’t satisfy their partner.

Viagra is a prescription drug, so you have to abide by the doctor’s advice and counseling. Self-medication of any form is not allowed. A prolonged erection is a serious side effect that should not be taken for granted. It could damage your penis and other reproductive organs if nothing is done quickly. When you take Viagra, your erection is not supposed to last for more than 4 hours. Please inform your doctor if you also notice pain when you have an erection.

Don’t keep Viagra directly under a bright light and also keep it away from heat. Children have no business with this drug. This is to be used strictly by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Most teenagers and adults are experimenting with Viagra by using it when they have no need to do. The side effect of such actions may manifest in the nearest future if they continue abusing the drug. Pregnant women who unknowingly took Viagra have nothing to worry about. It will not affect their unborn child. Viagra is not for women expect a doctor so prescribes.

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