Arthritis Diagnosis and Treatment

The first and the important task is that the doctor should meet the patient and the doctor does a thorough review of the patient. Most importantly, the doctor should keep an eye on the symptoms, also the family history of diseases of the patient. The doctor will next examine the swelling or the deformed part of the body and then the doctor will ask question about other part of the body.

Next step is that a series of tests has to done for proper diagnosis of the diseases. The test includes blood test, urine test, and joint fluid test. An X-Ray also has to be done for the particular joint. After this entire test, the diagnosis of the diseases will be made. Doing the diagnosis is important, and then only proper treatment for the diseases is be made to cure the patient. The doctor who has specialized in arthritis diseases called rheumatologist.

Treatment for arthritis

The treatments are different for different type of arthritis. For example if the arthritis is on the knee joint the treatment will be different, if the arthritis is detected on the hand joint then the treatment will be different and so on. A proper diagnosis will help in proper treatment of arthritis.

Proper care can be taken by the patient himself or herself if the take proper care of the joints. Do not put any type of stress on the joints, which is inflated or has excess pain. Regular some physical exercise can save you from the excessive pain. Take proper medicines as prescribed by the doctors, go to your physiotherapist do the particular exercise it will give you lot of relief from the pain. Doing all these may also cure your diseases.

Diet for arthritis

Debate regarding the diet of an arthritis patient is still on in the medical broads. However, some food can be suggested for giving a healthy life to the patient. Patient can add lot of oily fish as the fish oil is important. Lot of Vitamin C, Vitamin E can be added to the diet. Turmeric and ginger is anti- inflammatory will help to reduce the pain.

The diseases are serious, with proper treatment and diet can prevent the diseases. A healthy lifestyle can prevent from occurring of the diseases.

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