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The American Automobile Association (AAA) is a non-profit organization in the US and Canada, providing roadside assistance and other automobile services to its members. It has almost 60 million members in North America and its headquarters is located at Florida.

But apart from the automobile side of AAA, its members can actually use their AAA membership for discounts at their local pharmacies. The AAA membership that they have can be a great way for them to save money on their prescription drugs and other medicines. This medicine discount program offered by AAA is accepted by 9 out of 10 pharmacies, allowing its members to take full advantage of purchasing affordable meds from 90% of the local US drugstores. For them to be able to get the discounts, members must first show their AAA insurance card and their AAA Prescription Savings card to the participating pharmacy of their choice. The AAA Prescription Savings card is provided by the AAA through its website,, where there are instructions that the members can follow for them to get a printable version of the card. Members can also opt to receive their AAA Prescription Savings card through mail by calling the hotline on its website.

The good news for AAA members is that there are no limits to the use of their prescription savings card though it can only be used for prescription meds that are not covered by the member’s own health insurance. The prescription medicines that are under health insurance coverage cannot be discounted using the AAA card but only those that aren’t listed. AAA members without any health insurances are the ones who can benefit greatly from the prescription savings program that AAA provides because they will always be able to get their meds at discounted prices. In using their AAA Prescription Savings card, they can get their meds for up to 50% discount, up to half the normal price that they would usually spend for them. But at an average, AAA members have the privilege to get 24% discount every time they buy their meds from AAA’s partner pharmacies.

If the AAA members had to pay for their AAA membership, the prescription savings program is free of charge as it comes as a member-only benefit without any limits or expiration. To further help their members especially those who are elderly, AAA Prescription Savings card also comes with the benefit of free shipping of medicines. AAA members can have their 3-month supply of meds delivered right at their homes for free, saving their time from going out.

The medicine discounts that are provided by AAA doesn’t stop at meds for humans but also extends up to pet medications. Yes, pet meds are included to the discounts that AAA members can benefit from. But the same rules apply to the pet medicines. The meds that the member needs can only be discounted if it’s not covered by insurance. Medicines for pets can get an average discount of 20% with the use of the AAA Prescription Savings card but in some cases, the card will enable them to get for as much as 40% discount or even let them get their pet meds completely for free.

AAA Prescription Savings for Pets

Before purchasing their pet medicines, the pet owners must first talk to their vet for the most effective medicine that they can buy for their pet. If it’s a prescription medicine, they will have to ask for their vet’s prescription so that they will be sold the drug at a pet pharmacy. Once they’re at the drugstore, customers simply need to present their AAA Prescription Savings card which is also accepted for pet drugs. For branded pet meds, they can get an average discount of 15% and for generics, they can get for as much as 35% price off. Some AAA membership cards already have the AAA Prescription Savings information at the back so customers wouldn’t need the printable version or the savings card being sent out by AAA to members.

AAA Membership Card

AAA Membership Card

But even if the members use the old AAA membership card without the prescription savings, it is also honored by its partner pharmacies so they can just give it to the pharmacist along with their prescription and get their discount.

AAA Discounts

The huge prescription discount that the AAA offers to its members is indeed a thing to consider. The original discount that’s advertised only mentions up to 50% on prescription medicines but its site actually says that it’s up to 75%. AAA members can just imagine the benefit of being a member as prescription drugs which usually cost hundreds of dollars can now be bought for prices which are way lesser than the original. Members simply have to present their membership cards at virtually any local pharmacy within the US and even at overseas pharmacies that honor the AAA membership prescription discount.

But the prescription discount that it offers has a condition and that is the medicines that they will buy must be outside of their insurance coverage or otherwise the discount will not be applied. Simply put, the ones that will benefit greatly from the prescription discount afforded by membership with the AAA are the people without health insurances, people who get their meds through out-of-pocket expenses. But this is perfectly fine as people with health insurances rarely purchase medicines since all their meds are already covered by Medicare.

AAA Insurance

AAA membership offers more than just roadside assistance and other auto services since they also offer home and life insurances to its members. They have various insurance policies to select from which even provides home purchase discounts. Their life insurance policies that they offer are categorized into four options which are; universal, term, express term, and term with coverages that range from $25,000 up to $5 million USD.

But since AAA membership doesn’t come with health insurance nor do they offer health insurance plans, the best that they can offer are huge prescription discounts on virtually all of the drugstores that they are affiliated with.

CVS Pharmacy Logo

CVS Pharmacy Logo

Large drugstore chains such as CVS and shopping centers like Target honor AAA membership discounts on prescription medicines to give their clients more savings.


The AAA membership offers a lot more than just auto services but it also offers great savings to its members through its AAA Prescription Savings program. As members of the AAA, they are automatically entitled for up to 50% discount on their prescription medicines. Not only for them but also for their pets since the AAA’s program also covers pet medications. AAA membership can be availed for only $53 USD but its benefits far outweigh the membership fee.

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