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A1 Beauty Supply Store is a chain of stores that sell various beauty supply products to its customers. Most of its clients are salons and barbershops since it specializes in selling various beauty enhancement merchandise and equipment. It has stores all over the US and has thousands of different products ranging from hair care to nail polishes and more. To meet the needs of its customers who are busy or are some hours away from their shop, A1 Beauty Supply Store also has an online site where customers can shop the beauty products that they need and have them delivered to their address or location of choice. The range of beauty products that they have online is just the same as the products that are available in their shops so ordering online would just be the same as visiting their stores.

The hair care products that A1 Beauty Supply Store sells is divided into 14 categories which include hair bleaches, hair fibers, hair colors, perm products, hair dryers, hair irons, clippers & trimmers, and many others, including wigs, hair clips/pins, and other hair treatment tools that are used in beauty shops. The prices that they have for their hair care products are quite cheap and one could almost say that they are wholesale prices.

Paul Mitchell Products Logo

Paul Mitchell Products Logo

The manufacturers for the brands of their products include known companies like Paul Mitchell, Wella, Schwarzkopf, Hollywood Style, Zoto, and Wahl.

The selection that A1 Beauty Shop has for its barber products may not be as wide-ranging and numerous as the products that are used by salons but they’re all the necessary ones that barbers are going to need. There are only 7 categories available for the barber products, half the number of categories for the salon needs. These 7 categories include shaving supplies, brushes & combs, scissors, disinfectants, men’s facial line, neck dusters, and other accessories. The accessories section is made up of various other products which are equally necessary as the other barber equipment. Different kinds of razors, mirrors, styling blades, trimmer maintenance kits, pocket combs, coloring whisks, salon timers, hair sharpers, brushes, cutting capes, shear cases, and spray bottles are available for customers to choose from are of good quality.

Next, to barber products and accessories, A1 Beauty Supply Store offers esthetic products which are divided into 10 categories. Again, these are products for women and the barber products are just a small segment on its numerous selection of beauty merchandises. These 10 categories under esthetics include essential oils, face masks, eyelashes, waxing products, eyebrow threads, tints, ear piercing tools, different kinds of towels, and disposable supplies. All in all, the esthetic section alone is made up of 388 different products.

After the aesthetic section, the next one is the facial products section which is all about beauty care products for improving and enhancing the appearance and the texture of the facial skin. It is divided into 10 different categories which are a mixture of known brands, men skin care products, herbal treatment brands and facial creams. The Hollywood Style brand has the most products in this section which has a total of 159 items. It is followed by the brand Repechage which has a total of 63 different facial products and the third brand with the most facial products is La Casta with 41. This wide variety of facial treatment products allow customers to browse and compare the benefits and prices that each brand offers, allowing the buyers to select the ones which are the best for them.

A1 Beauty Supply Hours

The exact operating hours of A1 Beauty Supply Stores vary from store to store and it depends largely on its location. Their stores are usually open from 9 AM to 6 PM to serve customers but in busier cities like Chicago and Miami, they may extend their store hours for up to 8 PM.

Let’s take a look at this review provided by a customer for A1 Beauty Supply at one of its stores in Miami where she bought her hair care product:

A1 Beauty Supply Review

A1 Beauty Supply Review

A customer named Maki S. described the A1 Beauty Supply Store as one of the hidden gems for hair care products. She managed to find a good organic coconut oil for her hair at a price of only $3 while her mom and sister managed to find the wigs that they wanted. She adds that the store is full of great and rare products and advises other customers that it would be great to bring friends along when they shop. She gave the store a 5-star review.

A1 Beauty Supply Store Fayetteville NC

The A1 Beauty Supply Store at Fayetteville, NC is just among the many stores that A1 has. Concerning its assortment, it’s just like the other A1 Beauty Supply Stores which have a rich selection of salon supplies and beauty enhancement products. Its Fayetteville store is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 8 PM.

A1 Beauty Supply Store also sell various kinds of furniture for spa and hair treatment. For spa, A1 Beauty Store provides spa beds, manicure tables, steamers, multifunction machines, trolleys, and special spa & manicure chairs. For hair furniture, they have hair trolleys, shampoo units, hair stations, styling chairs, hair steamers, and waiting chairs. Lastly, A1 Beauty Supply Store also sells nail products from known nail polish manufacturers like OPI, China Glaze, CND and Gel II. Items like nail base coats, top coats, cuticle oils, nail strengtheners, and hundreds of various nail colors can be found in their selection. Like its other items, its nail products are also modestly priced for the customer’s benefit.

Beauty Supply Store Near Me

Customers who are looking for the nearest beauty supply stores can use the internet for more accurate directions and more options to choose from. If the place that they’re looking for has an online website, it would be much better to order online to save time. Buyers can also use the websites of these stores to look for the item that they’re trying to find and check its price and features. In that way, they will already have an idea about the item that they will buy when they visit their local beauty store.


A1 Beauty Supply Store is a place where customers can buy various beauty products that range from hair treatment to nail polishes. It sells its products at reasonable prices, saving its customer’s money. They also sell salon, barber, and spa supplies of good quality for parlor businesses. The brands of their beauty products are from known manufacturers which is an assurance to the customers of their great value.

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