Sildenafil 20mg Walmart: Big Savings for an Effective Drug

Pfizer was the company that introduced Sildenafil to the market. This drug was marketed initially for Erectile Dysfunction but because of its properties, it was also used for the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Viagra was Pfizer’s brand name for impotence while Revatio is its brand for PAH. This drug is not just sold to anyone in the local pharmacies. Only patients who have obtained prescriptions from their doctors can purchase this medicine.

The only thing that differentiates Revatio from Viagra is its dosage. Since Pulmonary Hypertension doesn’t require high dosages of Sildenafil, Revatio is only set at 20mg and below. For Viagra that requires a higher dosage of the drug, it has dosage strengths made available at 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. Revatio is taken three times a day with 4 hours interval in between doses. Viagra, on the other hand, is only used once every 24 hours and only when needed.

Sildenafil is a drug that specializes in inhibiting the PDE 5 or Phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme in the body. This enzyme maintains the pressure in the blood vessels and normalizes the blood pressure. By inhibiting this enzyme, Sildenafil causes the muscles that surround the blood vessels to relax which expands the blood vessel walls. As a result, the blood circulation will now improve because the blood vessels can now hold more blood. This works well for Erectile Dysfunction because it will ensure a constant and increased blood flow to the penis allowing it to achieve an erection more easily. The increased blood flow will also sustain the erection for longer amounts of time.

When Sildenafil is used, it also dilates the thick and stiff arteries in the heart and lungs which causes the Pulmonary Hypertension. Patients will experience relief as high blood pressures will now drop and blood will now properly supply oxygen to the lungs. Sildenafil will also help the heart by doing this because the heart will no longer exert great efforts in pumping the blood to the arteries.

Since Pfizer was able to secure its position in the market using its patent rights, other Sildenafil competition was prohibited to enter the US market. As a result, they were able to control Sildenafil’s prices up to a point that it’s no longer affordable for most people. The prices for Viagra have reached $72 USD per pill and Revatio’s price for 30 pills of 20mg have increased to $535 USD.

The good news for many is that Pfizer’s legal rights to Sildenafil have already expired and many generic manufacturers can now sell their Sildenafil brands through the local US pharmacies.

The generic Sildenafil drugs can be availed at very cheap prices with the use of the free coupons that are being provided by GoodRx

The generic Sildenafil drugs can be availed at very cheap prices with the use of the free coupons that are being provided by GoodRx. Walmart previously sells the generics at $95 USD but with the free coupon, it can be bought for only $73.80 USD. Price Chopper is the only pharmacy that sells the generic Sildenafil under $20. HealthWarehouse also offers the online purchase of Sildenafil for only $22.50 and no free coupons are required for it. Costco already sells the generic Sildenafil for only $39 USD but it can be availed at a cheaper price of $21.41 USD with the free GoodRx coupon. Target and CVS Pharmacy which previously sold the drug at $535 USD now only sells them at $26.94 USD, provided that the customer will be able to provide a prescription. Walgreens sells the most expensive generic Sildenafil at $150 USD, already with the free coupon. $537 USD was the original price of their drug and even after the discount, it’s still a lot more expensive compared to the other drugstores’ price.

Sildenafil Online Availability

Online pharmacies are also great places to get Sildenafil from. Aside from the convenience that it provides to the customers, the prices that they offer are a lot cheaper compared to the local drugstores with great discounts and freebies. Ordering online is very easy and customers no longer have to step outside their homes just to purchase their medicines.

The other thing about getting Sildenafil medications online is that the pharmacies will no longer require customers to provide prescriptions from their physicians. They can just sell the medicines right away to the customers without any hassles. But unlike local pharmacies where customers will be able to get their purchases right away, shipping of online orders take some time. The regular shipping takes 10 to 15 days while the express shipping takes only 7 days. These shipping fees are to be shouldered by the customers unless they have large purchases which usually merits for free shipping. The orders also arrive in discreet packaging, protecting the customer’s privacy.

Ordering online might be easy but customers should still be careful in choosing which websites to trust. It’s always better to choose the sites that have shopping guarantees, SSL Certificates, positive and unfabricated reviews from real-time customers and stores that have an overwhelming number of recommendations from other sites. This is for safe transactions online since there are also a lot of websites that pretend to be legitimate but in reality are scam websites. To avoid them, customers should steer clear of unfamiliar or suspicious websites with can be riddled with malware and other hacking tools from online thieves.

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Walmart might be one of the best places to purchase Sildenafil 20mg but since its price is more expensive than other pharmacies, customers can compare the prices and select which pharmacy will give them more savings. Checking online stores are also a good option to find even cheaper deals for Sildenafil 20mg pills. If customers will prefer to purchase locally, they should prepare the prescription from their doctor and the GoodRx coupon code for big savings.

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