Is Canadian Pharmacy Legit: Find Out if You Can Trust Canadian Pharmacies

Nobody would like to source his or her meds from a fake online pharmacy. The repercussions of sourcing your meds from a fake drugstore would include you losing your money and even receiving fake drugs which have the potential of harming your health even more. This is the reason as to why many people who shop online for their meds would like to know whether there are any real pharmacies located in Canada. How legitimate a Canadian pharmacy is will be determined by several factors. This pharmacy should be at least registered by a regulatory body. There are many regulatory bodies. However, one regulatory body that focuses solely on Canadian pharmacies is CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association):

CIPA has been helping people avoid scam sites for over 15 years now. By checking the pharmacy site on the CIPA website, you will get to know whether it is a member or not. If it is a member, you will probably be fine. If it is not a member, you may need to tread lightly. A legal pharmacy should follow all the rules in the country where it is located. For example, it should not sell narcotics or controlled substances. There are numerous illegal pharmacies on the web claiming their operations are based in Canada. However, this does not disqualify the fact that there are also real pharmacies. To find the real pharmacies without having to struggle and make mistakes which could cause you to lose your money, check our catalog.

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

One thing we have noticed is that online pharmacies which turn out to be real always have nice reviews from their previous customers. Therefore, we have decided to show you that it is possible to find legit pharmacies located in Canada but offering great services on the web. To do this we have looked for Canadian pharmacy reviews. Here are some of them:

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews (sources: https://edrugsearch

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews (sources:

The first reviewer says that he was prescribed to Cialis for his enlarged prostate and for erectile dysfunction. He says that he was not shocked when he realized that his insurance was not covering the medication. He found that the price for a 30 day supply of the medication would require him to pay 400 dollars. He decided to try one of the pharmacies located in Canada. He did a research and finally discovered a Canadian pharmacy that could sell him an 84 day supply at only a price of $274. This allows him to save a lot of money.

Lim says that using the Canadian pharmacy was very easy. He says that searching the medications on the Canadian pharmacy website went like a charm. He was not very sure about buying his meds online at first. However, the solid privacy policy reassured him. He does not regret having sourced his meds from a Canadian pharmacy. The pharmacy has great prices.

Aimee says that the Canadian pharmacy she dealt with was the best she has ever used. Their website is very easy to navigate. Finding medications is very easy and convenient.

The above comments apply to a very low percentage of Canadian pharmacies. Therefore, don’t jump at the first Canadian pharmacy you find thinking that it will be safe for you. Doing this will lead to you losing your money. We have a catalog that has the best Canadian pharmacies which have the above reviews. This catalog will save your money and offer you the chance to receive genuine medications.

Canadian Pharmacy Prices

We have been mentioning that legitimate Canadian pharmacies will offer you the chance to save your money when you are buying your meds. What we have not told you is how much money you will get to save. To fix this, we will be showing you a price list that compares the prices offered by local stores and the ones you get when you start ordering your meds from the Canadian pharmacies. Here is the price list:

Canadian pharmacy Prices

Canadian pharmacy Prices

If you are buying Actonel to prevent osteoarthritis or treat Paget’s disease, you will need to only to pay 59 dollars instead of having to pay $816 for only 12 pills. This saves you $757 which is equivalent to saving 93%. Men and women dealing with diabetes don’t have to pay $1777.50 for their 84 Actos tablets to help them keep their blood sugar levels in control and hence avoid future complications. The same medication can be bought at a Canadian pharmacy at a price that is 97% less.

Don’t get carried away by the prices you find on random sites claiming to be Canadian pharmacies. Instead, focus on sourcing your meds from a legitimate Canadian pharmacy that is guaranteed to offer you low prices and still deliver quality drugs to you. You will find these in our catalog.

Legit Canadian pharmacy Payment Options

There are numerous pharmacies out there trying to get their buyers to pay for their meds using methods they know that they will never get a chance to dispute the charges. These methods include western union, wire transfer, bitcoin, and checks. While some online pharmacies which accept payment through the above methods may be genuine, the majority are usually fake. Legitimate sites will allow their buyers to pay using a credit card. This is great since it allows the buyer to dispute the charges in the future in case there is the need to do so.


There are legit pharmacies offering their services on the web and having their bases in Canada. However, the number of illegitimate Canadian pharmacies is higher than that of the Legit Canadian pharmacies. You need to be safe when buying your meds. Otherwise, you will lose your money and your health in the process. We help you stay safe. We do this by offering you the chance to get your meds from legit pharmacies without you having to waste your time trying to figure out which pharmacies to trust. Our catalog carries all the legitimate Canadian pharmacies.

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