Reviews: A Pet Pharmacy with Mixed Customer Reviews
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  • Comments Off on Reviews: A Pet Pharmacy with Mixed Customer Reviews is an online pet drugstore that has been in operation since 2009. The pharmacy specializes in the sale of cheap preventative treatment that is recommended by reputable veterinarians for the treatment of cats and dogs.

The pharmacy only deals with high-quality medications that are sourced from reputable manufacturers from different parts of the globe. All the medications sold are branded and you will not find any generic medication in stock. This is in an effort to ensure that the customers get the exact brand he ordered from his favorite manufacturer. It will also ensure that the medications contain the right ingredients, the correct dose just like the drugs that are sold in local pharmacies. is always ready to attend to any issue that may arise when customers are transacting with them. There is a form that a customer can write down any concern and then send it via email to the pharmacy. A response will be sent to the customer within the shortest possible time. There is also a postal address through which the customers can send any message to the pharmacy which has been provided at the website.

The pharmacy has secured their connections to ensure that the private details that have been submitted by the customers will not be accessed by third parties. Customers can, therefore, shop with confidence knowing that they are dealing with a pharmacy that has their security at heart and they will not be defrauded by cybercriminals. Reviews has attracted mixed reactions from customers who have been buying pet products from them. All the reviews on its website are positive and tell how they are satisfied with the services as well as the products received from the pharmacy. Since it will be hard to trust such reviews, I made an attempt to search for independent reviews. There is a positive review from Rick who is a resident of the United States. He says that he has been buying medications for his cats from the pharmacy for several years and he has never had any problem with either the drugs received or the shipping process.

There are complaints from customers who have had their medications shipped from a different country from the one that is located without being notified in advance. This shows that the pharmacy does not have clear communication with their customers if there are changes that have been done regarding their orders. This makes the customers view them as incompetent and to make it worse they are not quick to respond to the calls of the customers. In regards to these reviews, it is notable that the pharmacy has a problem when it comes to communication with the customers which may put some customers off. They should work on this issue to win back the trust of the customers who are disappointed by their lack of communication.

Discountpetmedication Customer Reviews Complaints

There are a few complaints from customers who have been buying pet products from regarding the products received. One of the customers says that he ordered for a drug by the name REvolution for Cats and instead of receiving the right products, the pharmacy sent in the Revolution for Dogs. She says that she has been unable to reach the pharmacy and on trying to reach out to Paypal to seek assistance, she was told that has provided proof that the product was delivered. The complaint has been resolved by the and the customer is contented.

Discountpetmedication Customer Complaint

Another customer who has been buying her pet meds from the pharmacy tried to advise the customer and told her that she also had a similar complaint until she realized that REvolution for Dogs could also be used as a substitute for revolution for cats. the pharmacy was sending this as a way of helping their customers to save on the cost. She was provided with a tool that she would use to measure the right quantity for her cat. This is a show of miscommunication on the part of the pharmacy which should have sent the explanation as they shipped the product.

Discountpetmedication Customer Review Coupon offers free shipping on every order that will be placed which is a great way of reducing the total cost of the medications. There is also a 20% discount that is offered sitewide for a limited duration and no coupon will be required to get the discount.

For all orders that will be valued at over $100, a customer will be able to get a 5% discount which will also lead to a reduction in the cost of the drugs.


Discountpetmedication Discount Coupons

There are also other huge discounts that will be offered on some of the medications that are sold at the pharmacy. For instance, Seresto Flea and Tick Collar medication for small dogs is being sold at a discounted price of $35.00 from the initial cost of $44.99. There is also an offer on Nexgard Spectra medications for large dogs. The drug is being sold at a discounted price of $87.99 from $109.99.

Customers who choose to buy their medications from the pet pharmacy will enjoy other huge discounts of up to 50% on the medications stocked.

Summary is a pet pharmacy with mixed reviews from customers that have been supplying high-quality medications since its inception. The pharmacy only deals with brand medications to ensure that customers will only get the drugs they ordered for and not a generic form of the drug. They should work on the issue of communication with their customers as well as ensure that customers are kept in the know if he will receive a different brand from the one he had ordered. They should also say if the shipment will be made from another country that is different from the one the customer was expecting to receive the drugs from. When buying medications online, you should be careful so that you do not fall into the hands of those who sell fake drugs online. They will sell pet medications at very low prices and if you fall into their trap, you will realize that the drugs are either fake or expired. You can use our list of Top Online Pharmacies if you need help in choosing a reliable online pharmacy to buy pet medications from.