Canada Pharmacy Online Reviews: Offering Cheap Medications to International Customers
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Canada Pharmacy Online is a reputable drugstore that was established in 2006. has been trusted by people from all over the world for the supply of cheap and effective medications. The drugs are sourced from Canadian manufacturers and from other reputable manufacturers from other parts of the globe. The pharmacy has been approved by the regulatory bodies like CIPA and Pharmacy Checker after fulfilling all the set requirements.

Customers who buy medications from Canada Pharmacy Online will either have their order shipped from Canada or from other affiliate pharmacies that work closely with the pharmacy and have also been approved by the regulatory bodies that work within their jurisdiction. All the drugs that will be dispensed by the pharmacies have gone through the necessary tests and have been proven that they are safe for the treatment of the complication for which they will be prescribed.

To buy medications from the pharmacy, a prescription from a licensed doctor will be required. This can either be uploaded directly to their website or sent by fax or mail. There is also the option of sending the prescription by mail through their postal address. Customers will be able to buy either the generic or the brand medication since both are in stock.

The customer service team at the pharmacy is committed to ensuring that customers who buy drugs from the network get all the necessary help that may be needed. There is a toll-free number through which they can be reached and also a fax number. A licensed pharmacist is responsible for dispensing the orders and if there is a query regarding any of the medications bought from the network, they can reach out to him for advice.

Customers who have been purchasing drugs from the pharmacy has testified of the effectiveness of the drugs purchased from them. Below are some of the reviews from some of these customers:

Canada Pharmacy Online Customer Reviews

Canada Pharmacy Online Customer Reviews

Susan I from the United States says that Canada Pharmacy Online has made her life easy by selling the drugs at reasonable prices. She is also glad the the customer service team is very friendly and always willing to help. Dro Z from the United States and Daniel R also from the US say that they are very satisfied with the services received at the pharmacy. They go ahead to say that they will definitely buy from the pharmacy again and recommends anyone searching for a reliable online pharmacy to buy from Online Pharmacy Canada. According to all the customers who sent in their reviews, all the prices and products are satisfactory.

How to Order Medications from Canada Pharmacy Online

To order medications from Canada Pharmacy Online, here is the procedure that should be followed:

  • On the provided search box, you will enter the name of the medication you wish to buy and press enter. If the drug is in stock, you will select the dosage and the quantity you wish to buy and add it to your cart.
  • If you were buying more than one medication, you will click on the ‘continue shopping’ icon and repeat the same process until all the medications are in your cart, and then proceed to checkout.
  • If this is your first time you are buying drugs from the pharmacy, you will be required to sign-up and if you are an existing customer, you will log into your account and proceed with the purchasing process.
  • On the checkout page, you will submit the details that will facilitate the shipping and the payment of the drugs.

You should remember to submit a prescription if the medications you are purchasing are dispensed only when there is a prescription. This could be through mail, email or fax whichever is convenient for you.

The standard cost of the shipping is $10 which will be charged for every package that will be shipped. If a customer buys all his drugs at once, he will spend less on the shipping and this will reduce the overall cost of his medications.

Canada Pharmacy Online Coupon Codes

There are no active coupons at the Canada Pharmacy Online at this time. However, the prices of all the medications that are dispensed are very low to ensure that everyone can afford them. By looking at the price of Viagra in the table below, you will notice that the prices get lower with the purchase of bigger packages. This is done in an effort to encourage customers to buy their prescription drugs at once so that they will get a bigger discount.

Customers can also ask their doctors to prescribe the generic form of their prescription instead of the brand medications. This is because generic medications will at times cost 70% less than what the brand medications costs.

Discounted Price of Brand Viagra

Discounted Price of Brand Viagra

Canada Pharmacy Online Phone Numbers

To contact Canada Pharmacy Online, the following phone number can be used:

  • 1-866-929-3784
  • 1-866-920-3784
  • 1-866-930-3784

Customers who wish to send a written message can contact the pharmacy through email or fax. There is also an option of sending a mail which will be responded to as soon as it gets to the pharmacy. Both phone and fax are toll-free so that every customer who has an issue will be able to contact the pharmacy without incurring any cost.


Canada Pharmacy Online has a lot of positive reviews from the customers who have been purchasing their medications from them. The customers also talk about the effectiveness of the medications that are sourced from the pharmacy as well as the low cost that they pay for the medications. The pharmacy also partners with other reputable online pharmacies located in other parts of the world to ensure that no customer lacks the drugs he is looking for. Customers should be very careful when buying drugs online so that they will not end up buying fake drugs from rogue online pharmacies. If you need help in choosing the right pharmacy to purchase prescription drugs, you can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies.