Canada Drug Center Promo Code: Discounted Prices for Prescription Drugs

Canada Drug Center is an online pharmacy that is a certified member of the Canadian Pharmacy International Association that has been supplying effective medications to their customers from all over the world. The pharmacy stocks both generic and brand medications and customers will have a chance to make a choice between the various available brands.

Canada Drug Center will require every client to provide a doctor’s prescription if the drugs that a customer wishes to buy can only be dispensed when a prescription is available. The prescription should be faxed to the pharmacy as soon as the order is placed to allow the processing to proceed. A customer who logs into the website will not be able to view all the medications that are sold through the intermediary and the only option will be to search if the drugs that a customer wishes to buy are in stock through the provided search box.

Canada Drug Center has several active coupon codes that a customer can use to get a discount on the purchases made. During the month of June, the customers who shop at the pharmacy will be able to get special deals on selected purchases. No code will be required for this offer and all a customer has to do is to shop and the discount will be automatically applied. There is also an offer where customers will be able to have their medications shipped free of charge which will amount to great savings.

To ensure that you do not miss out on any offer that is ongoing at the pharmacy, you can subscribe to start receiving emails. As soon as an offer is activated, you will be among the first to receive a notification and as a result, you will be able to buy the medications when the prices are low.

Canada Drug Center Promo codes Photo

Canada Drug Center Promo codes Photo

Canada Drug Center Reviews

Canada Drug Center has received a lot of negative reviews from customers who have been buying medications from them. Billmcf says that he has been a customer at the pharmacy for the past three years and has seen the decline in the quality of their services. They began by changing their payment method and then the drugs started missing while in transit. The pharmacy had promised that they would pay for any drugs that will be lost as they are being shipped. On making inquiries, he was told that the medications were delivered to the wrong address and they were unable to recover them. Mike is another customer who says that the customer service at the pharmacy is very poor and the orders take more than two months to be delivered. Within this period, the pharmacy requested payment for the same order thrice which according to her was very dishonest and a clear show that they do not care about their customers’ financial losses.

For Djorders, he placed an order and was promised that the delivery will be made in three days. Twenty days later, he was called to be notified that the drugs have just been shipped and he had to wait for thirty-five days to receive the order. This was quite sad as the pharmacy did not notify him of the delay in the shipping. JimBrennan also says that the qualities of the services have deteriorated in the last three years and the pharmacy is not doing anything about it. He says there is always a reason for the pharmacy to delay the shipping and the pharmacy has to wait until they are contacted to offer an explanation on the reason for the delay. This is very disappointing to customers especially those who like Jim had purchased a lifetime free shipping plan with them and not have to look for another pharmacy and begin afresh.

Canada Drug Center Customer Reviews

Canada Drug Center Customer Reviews

Canada Drug Center Customer Reviews

Canada Drug Center Customer Reviews

Canada Drug Center Buy Online

Canada Drug Center will require a prescription for medications that are classified under controlled substances which should be faxed to the pharmacy before the order is processed.

To place an order online, you will enter the name of the drug you wish to buy in the provided search box to know if it is in stock. If it is available, you will choose the quantity and the dosage you wish to buy and add it to your cart. Once all the medications are in stock, you will proceed to the checkout page where you will provide the details that will be used in the payment as well as the shipping of the drugs.

The shipping of the drugs will be done once the payment has been processed and the pharmacy will send a notification to inform you about the shipping.

Canada Drug Center Safe

Though Canada Drug Center has been verified by the regulatory bodies, its performance has not been satisfactory to most of their customers.

One of the customers complained that the pharmacy requested for payment of the medications three times which is very unprofessional. The customer service is also not able to save the situation as their mode of communication is unsatisfactory.

The pharmacy should work hard to restore the faith that the customers had in them as many of these customers are seeking for an alternative source of drugs.


Canada Drug Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that has lost the trust of their customers due to unnecessary delay in the delivery of orders as well as poor customer service. The lack of communication when a customer’s order is delayed is frustrating and this has caused many for their customers to look for an alternative source of drugs. The customer service should also work on their communication skills so that they will know the proper way of communicating with the customers to avoid losing business to the competitors. You can buy from other trusted online pharmacies like Pharmacy Mall which always ensures timely delivery of highly effective medications. You can also check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies to get help in identifying a credible online pharmacy to buy medications from.

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